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End Book
Beat all 5 books (Gwendolyn, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald and Velvet) to unlock the final book including all characters.

Heroic Difficulty
Obtain all text, recipes and alchemy to unlock heroic difficulty (your HP never increases).

Unlock Book and Scenes
A secret book with extra scenes is available if the player performs a specific set of actions when playing the game. Additionally, several extra scenes can be unlocked for this book.

Extra Book: Wheel of Fate - Unlock by getting the "Good Ending."
Wheel of Fate: Scene 2-1 (Epilogue) - Unlock by viewing every scene in the game, including both endings and all armageddon scenes.
Wheel of Fire: Scene 3-1 (Curtain Call) - Unlocked by viewing the "Wheel of Fate" book and watching the credits roll. At the final scene, don't press any buttons and the scene will be unlocked.

Alternate Endings
There are two seperate endings that may be unlocked in Odin Sphere, depending on how the player plays through the final book, Armageddon.

Good Ending: In order to unlock the good ending, you must use the characters in the following order: Cornelius, Oswald, Mercedes, Velvet, Gwendolyn. So Cornelius must fight the "Six-Eyed Beast," Oswald must fight the "Lord of the Netherworld," Mercedes must defeat the "Incarnation of Fire," Velvet must fight "The Cauldron" and Gwendolyn must kill "The Last Dragon."
Bad Ending: In order to unlock the bad ending, use the characters in any order except for the one listed for the Good Ending.

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