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Andreas Glyniadakis
Create a player and enter "POCKDLEK" as a last name.

Aleksander Pavlovic
Create a player and enter "WHSUCPOI" as a last name.

Jermaine Dupri
Create a player and enter "SOSODEF" as a last name.

Kyle Korver
Create a player and enter "OEISNDLA" as a last name.

Mario Austin
Create a player and enter "POSNEGHX" as a last name.

Matt Bonner
Create a player and enter "BBVDKCVM" as a last name.

Nedzad Sinanovic
Create a player and enter "ZXDSDRKE" as a last name.

Remon Van De Hare
Create a player and enter "ITNVCJSD" as a last name.

Sani Becirovic
Create a player and enter "ZXCCVDRI" as a last name.

Szymon Szewczyk
Create a player and enter "POIOIJIS" as a last name.

Tommy Smith
Create a player and enter "XCFWQASE" as a last name.

Xue Yuyang
Create a player and enter "WMZKCOI" as a last name.

All Hardwood Classic Jerseys
Select the "My NBA" option, then "NBA codes", and enter "725JKUPLMM" as a code.

All Team Gear
Select the "My NBA" option, then "NBA codes", and enter "YREY5625WQ" as a code.

50,000 Dynasty Development Points
Select the "My NBA" option, then "NBA codes", and enter "HSD49874G8" as a code.

Air Bounds (white/black) shoes
Select the "My NBA" option, then "NBA codes", and enter "JA807YAM20" as a code.

Air Flight 89 (black/white) shoes
Select the "My NBA" option, then "NBA codes", and enter "FG874JND84" as a code.
See Iverson's tattoos
To see the tattoos on Iverson's right arm, go to "Edit Players". Then, go to "Upper Body" and remove the sleeve on his arm.

Easy shots
When you are playing one-on-one, you can always hold position of the ball . When you are going to shoot for position, fake very fast for awhile. You will start to scoot up to the net . Shoot from wherever desired.

Easy 100% shooting percentage for Easy dynasty mode
Go to the "Edit Players" option under "Team Management" and max out all the stats of the players on the team that you want to use in dynasty mode. Save the roster so that you can use it in your dynasty. Go to dynasty mode and it will load your roster. Your team will have maxed out stats.

Go to the settings menu. Then choose "Gameplay" and change the fouls to "0". Then, go to "User" and make everything "100" except "Substitution". Go to "CPU" and set everything to "0". Then, go to "Rules" and make "Foul Outs" "0" and no fouls.

Easy dynasty mode points
Before you start your dynasty mode, put all of the All-Star caliber players in one team. Then, simulate through the entire season in dynasty mode to earn points for unlocking items.

Increasing player rating in dynasty Getting great players for low salaries
When you are in "Sign Free Agents" in the off-season of your franchise and you see a very good person at a very high price ($300,000), just skip the free agent signing and get to the new season. When you are done with training camp go to "Sign Free Agents". If the player that you want is still there, he will usually ask for the minimum price.

Blocking free throws
On an opponent's last free throw shot, choose the player closest to the basket. As the ball is up in the air, charge in and press [Triangle] to block. Your player will grab the ball off the hoop, and this will result with your opponent missing.

Dunk off backboard
This is best done in practice mode. Line up with the basket and press [Dunk] above or directly below the 3 point line to make the ball bounce off the backboard. Then, run to the basket and press [Triangle] to jump and dunk the ball. This may require a few attempts.

One man alley-oop
This trick requires a big dunker such as Jermaine O'Neal. Run towards the basket and press [Square] slightly behind the free throw line. The ball should hit the rim. Run towards the basket and press [Triangle]. If done correctly, the player will slam it down. This may require a few attempts.

Improved gameplay
Use the following slider settings to keep your gameplay more realistic. Before the start of the game, switch sides and go in to "Settings", then "Playbook", then "Team Strategy". Turn "Crash Boards" on, and switch back to your original team. This results in a lot less unrealistic amount of fastbreaks.
Difficulty: All-Star
Quarter Length: 10 Minutes

Game Speed: 45
Free Throw Difficulty: 70
Boundary Force Field: 60
Injury Frequency: 50
Fatigue Effect: 45
Charge/Block Foul Frequency: 36
Shooting Foul Frequency: 47
Reach-in Foul Frequency: 61
In-air Collision Foul Frequency: 51

User Sliders
User Steal Ability: 50
User Interception Ability: 55
User Shot Block Ability: 20
User Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 27
User Freestyle Effectiveness: 50
User Dunk vs. Lay-up Frequency: 30
User Substitution Frequency: 76
User On-ball Defense Assist: 42
User Offensive Rebounding: 80
User Defensive Rebounding: 40
User Fakeout Discipline: 90
User Short Range Shooting: 39
User Medium Range Shooting: 43
User Long Range Shooting: 41
User Dunk Percentage: 50
User Lay-up Percentage: 45
User Adjusted Shot Percentage: 45
User On-ball Defense: 50
User Poor Release Shot Percent: 38
User Double-team Effectiveness: 45

CPU Sliders
CPU Steal Ability: 46
CPU Interception Ability: 46
CPU Shot Block Ability: 23
CPU Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 27
CPU Freestyle Effectiveness: 53
CPU Dunk Frequency: 27
CPU Substitution Frequency: 77
CPU Offensive Rebounding: 80
CPU Defensive Rebounding: 40
CPU Fakeout Discipline: 50
CPU Short Range Shooting: 36
CPU Medium Range Shooting: 44
CPU Long Range Shooting: 42
CPU Dunk Percentage: 50
CPU Lay-up Percentage: 45
CPU Adjusted Shot Percentage: 39
CPU Adjusted Shot Frequency: 40
CPU On-ball Physical Defense: 42
CPU Poor Release Shot Percent: 38
CPU Double-team Effectiveness: 43
Glitch: No free extra freethrow
During times when you get fouled and convert a shot, the game will not give you an extra freethrow when you are supposed to. Instead, you will have a chance to inbound the ball.

Glitch: Ball on top of the backboard
Sometimes when the ball bounces to the top of backboard and goes out of bounds, the team will receive 2 points.

Glitch: Injured and a foul shot
When a player drives to the basket, then gets fouled and injured at the same time, he will be replaced by another player to shoot his freethrows. The player is allowed to return. In a real NBA game, when another player shoots your freethrows you are not permitted to re-enter the game.

Glitch: Substitution error
When a player is about to shoot freethrows, the CPU will substitute players after the last freethrow and not in-between freethrows.

Glitch: Skating effect
Players are usually seen having a "skating" effect on the court while running or walking.

Glitch: Generic shoes
Desmond Mason can only wear generic shoes.

Shaq O'Neal also cannot wear shoes other than generic because Generic 17 and 18 are his signature shoes.

Glitch: Two different jerseys for Karl Glitch: Skinny Shaq
Enter edit player mode and adjust any of Shaq's clothing (shoe's, gear, etc.). When you accept to change his gear, he will turn skinny. This is because the maximum weight for a created player is 235 lbs. And his weight is in the 300 column.

Glitch: Commentary
When playing at home with player whose last name ends with an ''s'', the announcer will pronounce the last name without saying the ''s''. For example, "Gilbert Arena" instead of "Arenas", and "Earl Boykin" instead of "Boykins".

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