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Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes at the vs. screen where there are three basketballs before a game begins to activate the corresponding cheat function. The first number represents how many times [Square] is pressed. The second number represents how many times [Triangle] is pressed. The third number represents how many times [Circle] is pressed. End the code by pressing the [D-pad] in any direction. For example, press [Square], [Triangle]x2, [Circle]x3 and any [D-pad] direction to activate code 1 2 3:

1 3 4 - Big Head
1 2 3 - Alternate gear
0 1 1 - Tournament mode
2 1 3 - Speedy players
4 3 3 - Kid Ballers (requires agreement from both players)
Bonus players
Successfully complete story mode to unlock all bonus players.

Venice Beach: Peja Diamond
When you enter Venice Beach, go to your left. You should see Peja's shootout machine and your ball will start to flash, indicating that you must bounce it off the machine. Note: You will not be able to do this. In fact you must do an Off the Heezie on the machine. To do this, stand by the machine, click and hold the Left Analog-stick and press X. After you do this, your created player should do an Off The Heezie to the machine and a diamond should appear.

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