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Bad hitter
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named "erik kiss" (case-sensitive). The player will have a skinny bat that will break every time and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will just go foul.

Big hitter
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named "keegan paterson", "jacob paterson", or "isaiah paterson" (case-sensitive). The player will have a very large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact, no matter what his stats.

Huge CAP points
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named "john prosen" (case-sensitive) to get a large amount of CAP points in dynasty mode.

No CAP arm or leg restrictions
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named "kenny lee" (case-sensitive) to change the size of a created player's arms or legs as much as desired.

Change music
Press [R3] to change the music.

Move EA Trax window
To move the EA Trax window around the screen, move the Right Analog-stick when the white song introduction window appears.

MVP point bonuses
The following bonuses can be unlocked with the indicated number of MVP points.
Crosley Field: 2500
Astrodome: 2500
Tiger Stadium: 3000
Griffith Stadium: 3000
Shibe Park Stadium: 4000
Sportman's Park: 4000
The Polo Grounds: 5000
Forbes Field: 5000

Throwback jerseys
Anaheim Angels 1986: 250
Atlanta Braves 1974: 500
Baltimore Orioles 1971: 500
Boston Red Sox 1903: 1000
Brooklyn Dodgers 1941: 750
Chicago Cubs 1954: 750
Chicago White (Black) Sox 1919: 1000
Chicago White Sox 1983: 350
Cincinatti Reds 1970: 500
Cleveland Indians 1975: 500
Detroit Tigers 1906: 750
Houston Astros 1986: 250
Kansas City Royals 1985: 250
Milwaukee Brewers 1982: 250
Minnesota Twins 1977: 500
Montreal Expos 1981: 350
New York Giants 1954: 750
New York Mets 1986: 350
New York Yankees 1927: 1000
Oakland Athletics 1972: 500
Philadelphia Athletics 1921: 1000
Philadelphia Phillies 1980: 500
Pittsburgh Pirates 1916: 750
Pittsburgh Pirates 1979: 500
San Diego Padres 1984: 350
Seattle Mariners 1981: 350
St. Louis Cardinals 1934: 750
Texas Rangers 1976: 500
Toronto Blue Jays 1992: 250
Washington Senators 1913: 1000

Al Kaline: 2500
Babe Ruth: 5000
Billy Williams: 2500
Bob Feller: 3500
Bob Gibson: 4500
Bob Lemon: 3000
Brooks Robinson: 3500
Catfish Hunter: 3000
Cy Young: 4500
Early Wynn: 3500
Eddie Mathews: 4000
Ferguson Jenkins: 2500
Gaylord Perry: 3500
Hal Newhouser: 2500
Harmon Killebrew: 3500
Honus Wagner: 4500
Hoyt Wilhelm: 3000
Jackie Robinson: 5000
Jim Palmer: 4000
Jimmie Foxx: 4000
Joe Morgan: 4000
Juan Marichal: 3500
Larry Doby: 3000
Lou Brock: 3000
Lou Gehrig: 4500
Luis Apraricio: 3000
Mel Ott: 3500
Mike Schmidt: 4000
Nolan Ryan: 4500
Orlando Cepeda: 3500
Pee Wee Reese: 3500
Phil Niekro: 2500
Phil Rizzuto: 3000
Ralph Kiner: 2500
Reggie Jackson: 4500
Richie Ashburn: 2500
Robin Roberts: 2500
Robin Yount: 4000
Rod Carew: 3500
Rollie Fingers: 3500
Roy Campanella: 4500
Satchel Paige: 4500
Sparky Anderson: 4500
Tom Seaver: 4000
Tommy Lasorda: 4500
Ty Cobb: 5000
Walter Johnson: 4500
Warren Spahn: 4000
Whitey Ford: 3500
Willie McCovey: 4500
Willie Stargell: 4000
Yogi Berra: 4500
Unlimited MVP points
Reach a desired level of MVP points to spend on a player, stadium, or throwback jersey. Use them to unlock a bonus, then save your roster. Do not save your profile. Instead, reload your profile. Your MVP points will be at their pre-purchase amount. Use them to continue buying as many other bonuses as desired.

Select dynasty mode and choose the Yankees. Turn off injuries, trades, rain outs, and budget. Set the difficulty on MVP. Simulate to the last game of each month. On that game, choose to simulate it (not quick sim; choose "Play" then "Sim"). Stop the simulation at the top of the ninth inning and choose to manage the remainder of the game. Do this for every month for the rest of the season. When the season ends, and you see "Advance To Playoffs", save the dynasty. Then, choose "Advance To Playoffs". Each time it will show your points earned.(about 13,000 to 17,000). Do not save after this. Exit dynasty mode, then keep re-entering and choosing "Advance To Playoffs". Each time you do this, you will get that same MVP point amount put into your profile.

Note: This trick requires multiple memory cards. Once you reach the desired amount of MVP points (5,000 recommend), save your profile to multiple memory cards. You may now choose an unlockable for each profile. You will have as many MVP points on each one as you did at the start. You can use these points to unlock whatever you desire. Note: If you unlock a player, immediately go to "Team Management" then to "Free Agents". The player should be on the list. Assign him to whatever team you want (you do not have to sign him). Do this with each profile. When you are done, you can start a dynasty and all players will be on the teams you assigned them to.

Start a dynasty with a team that can make the playoffs (for example, the Yankees). Simulate all the way to the last series, then save the dynasty. Then, simulate to the playoffs then advance to the playoffs. Save your profile (not dynasty). Exit the dynasty and you should have between 5,000 to 10,000 MVP points. Do the same thing as many times as desired to unlock everything.

Enter a Home Run Showdown or a Pitcher Showdown. Select the opponent that you are supposed to defeat for points, and set their difficulty on MVP. As soon as the game loads, go into "Game Options" and switch the difficulty to any desired setting. As soon as you defeat the player, you will receive 200 MVP points (which is how many you normally get for playing under the MVP difficulty level). This also works for your dynasty as you go game by game.

Start a franchise then simulate the whole season. Pick a good team for more points (Giants, Yankees, Marlins, etc.). You should get about 7,000 or 8,000 points, and more if you make the playoffs.

First, start a dynasty and choose any team. Turn off all the trade rules and the budget. Then, go to trade players and trade away all the bad players for the best players for all three of your teams so they will all win. Do not forget to get the good players out of the free agents. Sim all the way to the end of the season. At the end you should have about 13,000 to 15,000 points. Then, continue through the playoffs. If your teams win every series, you should get about 900 more points. Continue to do this as many times as desired, and you should get about the same amount every time.
MVP points
After completing various goals, you will get a message stating that you have earned MVP Points. Enter the "MVP Rewards Checklist" screen in "My MVP" to check how many points you have earned, and how many are needed to unlock the various bonuses. You will earn twice as many MVP Points under the Pro difficulty setting, three times as many under the All-Star difficulty setting, and four times as many under the MVP difficulty setting. Also, MVP points are not awarded when games are simulated. The classic players that are unlocked will begin at age 30 and will age and retire like other players.

Recommended MVP point purchases
The first thing that you should buy with your MVP reward are the legends and heroes teams. After you unlock all of them, write down the roster of one of those teams. Then, start a new dynasty with any team but make sure you can use unlockable players. Then, release all of your AA players and then move your AAA players to the AA league. Next, sign your team you noted earlier. Note: This will take about 10 minutes, and you will have to fill in the batting order and pitching rotation for each team.

Pitcher stamina and readiness
When you visit the mound, the pitcher's stamina may go up, depending on his reaction. If he has a positive reaction to the mound visit, the stamina will go up. If he has a negative reaction, it will go down. He can also have no reaction. If you have a pitcher warming up, his readiness will go up.

Restore pitcher's stamina in between games
In dynasty mode, go to "Edit Player" and set your desired pitcher's stamina to 99.

Easy homeruns
This works better under the rookie difficulty setting. When playing in Yankee Stadium, aim for the right side of the field. It is only 314 ft.

When at bat, hold [Up] while you swing . This should result in a home run about 90% of the time. Note: This works better with power hitters.

Use the following trick to get homerun with lefties. For the pitches that up in the middle and low-middle of the zone, hold [Up] and press [X] harder. For the pitches high-in, low-in, and middle in, hold [Up] and press [X] harder. The harder you press "X," the harder a leftie will hit the ball.

Easy dynasty wins
To win dynasty mode easily and get lots of MVP points, select your favorite team. In your dynasty, go to "Management", "Transactions", then "Trades". Make sure the "Budgets" and "Fair Trades" settings are off. Then, just trade away garbage for players such as A-Rod, Ichiro, and Sosa to create an MLB All-Star team. Simulate to the playoffs and you should get over 100 wins every season.

Barry Bonds
Go to "Edit Player" and select Jon Dowd of the San Francisco Giants. Change his number and name to Barry Bonds #25. His name will be annoucned when he comes to the plate for San Francisco, and all of his statistics are already in the game as "Jon Dowd".

Edit Jon Dowd in the following way: Change his throwing and batting to "Left", birth date to "July 24, 1964", face to "14", hair color, and facial hair to "1", hair style to "1", bat color to "6", field glove color to "3", elbow guard to "2", wristbands to "3", socks to "Low", and put batting gloves on. This will create a nearly perfect version of Barry Bonds. The ratings are already correct for him.

Getting good players
To get any player on your team in dynasty mode, create an outfielder with the best stats. Sign him as cheap as you can for one year. You can trade him for any player (for example A-Rod, Mark Prior, etc.)

If you start a dynasty and choose "Fantasy Draft", put the order as you first. Next, set difficulty level to "Rookie". Then, enter the draft and select either Jon Dowd (a.k.a. Barry Bonds) or Albert Pujols. Once you get to your next pick, there should be either A-Rod, Prior, or Mulder at the top of he list. Note: If you want A-Rod or Prior, this trick works about 40% of the time. If you want Mulder, this trick usually works about 60% of the time.

To get a very good batting order start out with any team. Next, go to the rosters and into create a new player with ordinary stats at first base. Sign him and go into edit player screen. Edit him to the maximum points. Go into transactions and get whoever desired. Note: This trick only works on one player a time.

To get a great team for dynasty mode, first select "Roster Management" at the main menu. Then, select "Trade Players". Trade all of the people you want on a team. Then, select new dynasty. When you are choosing the options switch "Default Rosters" from "Yes" to "No". You should be able to play with the team that you created.

Cheap perfect player
Create a player with all desired information. Leave his attributes exactly as is. Then, go to "Free Agents". Sign that player to a long cheap contract. Then, go to create/edit again and change the player's attributes to make him perfect.

Getting trades
When in dynasty mode, if the trade you want keeps getting rejected use the following trick. When this happens, back out until you get to the main screen for the dynasty mode and go to "Options". Once in the "Options" screen, select the first choice and scroll down until you see the "Unfair Trades" option. Turn this option on, then go back and get the trade you wanted. Note: If you want more money in your bank, make sure the trade is somewhat even.

Easy steals
When you have a runner on first or second base, allow the runner to reach the maximum lead. Before the pitcher throws, hold "Steal". When you slide into the base, press "Right Analog-stick" [Down/Right] and the runner will slide around the tag. This may differ when running to third.

Simulating games
Instead of simulating by season in dynasty mode, try every month or two weeks.

Glitch: Wrong announcement
When playing in dynasty mode as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays franchise, play any game as the Biscuits. At least play the last inning to the end. over the P.A. system, you will here a voice thank everyone for coming and to please return the next day to see the Orlando Rays (your team) take on the next team you face. The Orlando Rays was the name of the Biscuits from seasons 2000 to 2003, before they moved to Montgomery.

Glitch: Playoff games
The home field advantage never goes to correct teams and there are no night games during the playoffs.

Glitch: Triple instead of home run
When you get the inside the park home run, the game counts it as a triple and not a home run.

Glitch: Homeruns in dynasty mode
In dynasty mode, a player is only allowed to hit 158 homeruns in a season. After that, every homerun counts as a run and a hit in the game. However when you return to the main menu after the game, the run holds up but your player is charged with an out and his batting average goes down. Try to spread the 158 homeruns throughout the season by starting your player and taking him out part way through the game. If you do not start him for a number of games, he will start to get unhappy with his current situation.

Glitch: Blimp goes through Fenway Park
When playing a game at Fenway Park, look out into center field from time to time. You should see the blimp flying directly through the stadium, just above the crowd.

Glitch: Gary Shefield
Gary Shefield is on the National League All Stars but he is also on the Yankees, which is in the American League.

Glitch: Inside the park home runs
When playing certain teams with an awkwardly-shaped outfield wall, you can score an in-the-park home run. For example, the Florida Marlins' outfield wall has a corner more-or-less near the center of it. If you can manage to hit the ball into this area, the outfielders will run to the wall and get stuck, and will be unable to grab the ball quickly. If your batter is quick enough, you can make it home.

Glitch: Triple and a run
When you are about to go home with a base runner, as soon as you get to home plate quickly press [Left] so that the runner tags home but still tends to go back to third base. If done correctly, the play will stop and you will have scored a run and an automatic base runner will be on third.

Glitch: Bent bat
When batting with a right handed hitter, his will appear to be bent.

Glitch: Scoreboard
At the ballpark in Arlington (Texas Rangers Stadium), the scoreboards on the left field walls will always read "TEX - 5, YAN - 0", no matter what team you play as against the Texas Rangers.

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