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Cheat mode
Press [Square], [Triangle], and [Circle] to change the icons in the first, second, and third boxes respectively at the match-up screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. For example, to enter "1-2-3 Left", press [Square], [Triangle]x2, [Circle]x3, [Left].

Log bat0-0-4 Up
Wiffle bat0-0-4 Right
Mace bat0-0-4 Left
Rubber ball2-4-2 Up
Softball2-4-2 Down
Maximum speed0-0-3 Left
Maximum power0-3-0 Left
Maximum batting 3-0-0 Left
Big heads2-0-0 Right
Small heads2-0-0 Left
Unlimited turbo4-4-4 Down
Extra time after plays1-2-3 Up
Tournament mode1-1-1 Down
No fatigue3-4-3 Up
No contact mode4-3-3 Left
Rocket Park stadium3-2-1 Up
Roman Coliseum stadium3-3-3 Up
Monument stadium3-3-3 Down
Pinto Team 2-1-0 Right
Horse Team2-1-1 Right
Lion Team2-2-0 Right
Eagle team2-1-2 Right
Todd McFarlane team2-2-2 Right
Terry Fitzgerald team3-3-3 Right

In-game hints
Press [X] at the "Press Start" screen to display the high scores. Press [X] again to cycle through various hints about the game.
More homeruns
Enable the "Rubber ball" code for a better chance of hitting homeruns.

Enable the "Maximum batting", "Maximum speed", and "Maximum power" codes to get either a big hit or homerun about 70% of the time.

Less homeruns
Enable the "Softball" code for less of a chance of hitting homeruns.

Easy ground balls and fly balls
Throw a fastball low for a ground out or a fastball high for a fly out. This works about 90% of the time.

Change batting position with switch hitter
When you have a batter that can switch hit, press [Triangle] and he will move from the current side of the batter's box to the opposite side. You can usually tell if a batter can switch hit if they have shin guards on both shins.

Secret park
Hit a homerun at Fenway Park. Note: This works very well with a big hitter like Jeremy Giambi of Oakland.

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