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Jul. 25, 2011
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Cheat Mode
Type in this code in the menu on the map screen to see the location of The End during your battle with him. This code will have to be inputed every time you leave the map screen and come back to the map screen:

[Up] [Up] [Down] [Down] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right] [Square] [Triangle] - Makes the location of The End show up on your map during the battle with him.

Play around with the music video
During the music video "Snake Eater", pressing different buttons will slightly change what appears on screen:

[L3] (press the left analouge stick) - Change the language of the credits
[R1] - Make the singer interupt the song to say "Snake Eater"
Move the left analouge stick - The snakes will move in the same direction
Just choose which MGS game you like at the beginning of the game for the following unlockables:

Demo Theatre - Pick I like MG3 on a new file and save it
European Extreme - Choose: I LIKE MGS3!
Raiden Mask in beginning - Pick I like MGS 2 on a new file and save it
Secret Theatre - Pick I like MG3 on a new file and save it
Unlock Duel Mode on Disc 2 - Pick I like MG3 on a new file and save it

Mosin Nagant
Beat The End through stamina depletion to unlock the Mosin Nagant, The End's tranquilizer-dart-equipped sniper rifle. After the cutscene where The End dies, it is just to the left of Snake's position, in a centralized clearing in Sokrovenno North. It will not appear if The End is killed by setting the PS2 clock forward, nor will it appear if he was killed outside the Ponizovje warehouse.

Unlock Bandana for the MSX Metal Gear games
Beat Metal Gear 1 or 2 to unlock the bandana for that game. The Bandana, when equipped, will give you unlimited ammunition for all weapons.

American Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Animals - Defeat Ocelot by stamina depletion
AUSCOM Desert (Australian camouflage desert) fatigue - Beat Snake Eater once
Banana Camouflage - Get the 1st record time in every stage of Snake vs. Monkey Mode
Brown face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Cold War - Defeat Volgin by stamina depletion
Desert Tiger camouflage fatigue - Beat Snake Eater once
DPM Camouflage - Beat Special Duel Mode(Disk 2) with 1st place score
English Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
EZ Gun - Playing the game on Very Easy mode
EZ Gun (Modes above Very Easy) - Capture all 48 types of edible plants and animals
Fire - Defeat The Fury by stamina depletion
Flectar camouflage fatigue - Beat Snake Eater once
French Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
German Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Green Face Paint - Beat Normal Duel Mode (Disc 2) with 1st place score
Hornet Stripe - Defeat The Pain by stamina depletion
Infinity Face Paint (Alternate) - Catch a Tsuchinoko (alive) can only be caught using mousetraps. Best place to find Graniny Gorki South (Where you fight The Fear)
Infinity Face Paint (Ininite ammo) - Beat the game with the rank Foxhound
Italian Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Japanese Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Monkey Mask - Complete all Snake vs. Monkey Mode
Moss - Hold up The End
Patriot (The Boss's gun) - Complete the game once
Single Action Army (Revlover) - Choose the SAA on the right during final duel
Snake - Defeat The Boss by stamina depletion
Soviet Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Spanish Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Spider - Defeat The Fear by stamina depletion
Spirit Camo (Footsteps cannot be heard) - Walk all the way to the end during boss fight against The Sorrow
Stealth Camo - Beat game with no alerts
Stealth Camo (alternate) - Shoot all the green frogs in every area of the game
Swedish Flag face paint - Beat Snake Eater once
Tuxedo (Camo) - Complete the game once

Easter Egg: Motion Capture Actors
During a cut scene, if you see the name of the character, the name in the parentheses is the voice actor. If you hit O, the name will change to the name of the character's motion capture actor.

See ghostly images of the developers during the fight with the Sorrow.

Using the camera, take pictures of the bosses you've killed as they walk towards you as ghosts. Sometimes you'll see the faces of the developers on the pictures you've taken.

Title Screen Change
After beating the game once, Snake will have an eyepatch on during the CQC fights he has with the Russian guard at the title screen.

Glitch: No Damage Through Torture
Hold [L2] during the entire torture sequence to not recieve any damage when Volgin punches you. It must remain held down until cutscene where he leaves otherwise any damage that would have been done is still dealt.

Dazing a Guard
Whenever the '!' or '?' icon appears above an enemy's head, and you shoot it, (this is tricky) the the guard appear to be intoxicated and have some white bubbles floating from his head, giving you a few seconds to either run away, or to attack the dazed guard.

Distract Voligin
Before you fight Volgin be sure to capture a living tree frog. When you are fighting him equip the tree frog as a weapon and throw it somewhere where volgin will see it. After he sees it he should say something then jump back he will then be vulnerable for a few seconds(until he kills the frog) allowing you time to get a few cheap shots in.

Find Secret Codec Frequency to Call Off Alerts
If you enter alert mode, capture any nearby guard and interrogate him. Sometimes, the guard will tell you a Codec frequency that can be contacted to call off the alert. These frequencies change after they are first used, but there will always be a new one available whenever you trigger alert mode.

Free Rations/Ammo in Original Metal Gear
If you die and choose "continue" too many times (approx 5- 10), you'll be given max ammo (only for weapons you have obtained) and full rations. Your maximum capacity for weapons and rations increases as your rank increases, which you increase by finding hostages.

Anger Volgin
When fighting Volgin the first time you can wear the Ivan's(Raiden's) mask and he will think you are the major and hesitate from attacking you. You will have a chance to shoot him a few times without him attacking. He will realize who you are after a while and become angry and attack more frequently.

Secret Gametype for Online: HEAD SHOTS
When making a room online type HEAD SHOTS as the title of the room to play a secret gametype. In this gametype you must get headshots on your opponents or your character will blow up.

Snake's dream
When Snake gets puts in the jail cell. Save the game and turn the system off. Turn it back on and go to your saved game file. Load it and you will see a mini-game were you are this Zombie hunter guy and you can go around and kill zombies.

Volgin's lightning
When fighting Col. Volgin throw a Russian glow cap and it will absorb his lightning attacks for a little bit.

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