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Primary Collection of Cheats
Mega Man X4: X's Ultimate armor
Highlight X at the player selection screen. Press [Circle], [Circle], [Left], [Left], [Left], [Left], [Left], [Left], then hold [L1] + [R2] and press Start. Note: Hold [L1] + [R2] until game play begins at a screen with all the Bosses. Complete the first level and go to the spider stage. Go to the part with a spike spinning on platform. Go down to space below and go all the way to the right. The UA capsule with the armor will be there.

Mega Man X4: Zero's black armor
Highlight Zero at the player selection screen. Hold [R1] and press [Right], [Right], [Right], [Right], [Right], [Right]. Release all buttons, then hold [Circle] and press Start.

Mega Man X5: Megaman's Ultimate armor
Highlight Megaman at the character select screen, then press [Up], [Up], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down], [Down]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. You will start the game with the Ultimate armor and always have it for use through the rest of the game.

Mega Man X6: X's Ultimate Armor
Highlight the "Game Start" option at the Mega Man X6 main menu, then press [Left], [Left], [Left], [Right] before starting a new game. A sound will confirm correct code entry. You will begin the game with X's Ultimate Armor, which is very much identical to the same armor from Megaman X5.
Rockman: Battle And Chase
Successfully complete Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, and Mega Man X3.

Gallery items
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding item in the gallery. To access the gallery, press [L] at the main menu:

Hint 1: Complete Mega Man X.
Hint 2: Complete Mega Man X2.
Hint 3: Complete Mega Man X3.
Images 7: Complete Mega Man X2.
Images 8: Complete Mega Man X.
Music 2: Complete Mega Man X4 as X.
Music 3: Complete Mega Man X4 as X.
Music 4: Complete Mega Man X3.
Staff: Complete Mega Man X.

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