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Cheat mode
Do not select anything before entering one of the following codes. The codes will not work with an item selected.

Gimme Some Money
Press [L1] + [Up], [L1] + [Down] during game play. $10,000 will be added to your finances.

Where's The Money?
Press [L1] + [R1], [Down] during game play. Your finances will be reduced to zero.

In the PAL version of the game, press [L1], [R1], [L1], [R1], [Down]x2 during game play.

Open To The Public
Press [Left], [Down], [Right], [Up], [L1] + [R1], [L1] + [R1] during game play. You can now select your three digsites without the required stars.

Three Stars
Press [L1], [R1], [Down]x2, [L1], [Right] during game play. Your park will have a three star rating.

Guaranteed Immunity
Hold [L1] + [R1] and repeatedly tap [Up] during game play. Dinosaurs will no longer get sick.

In the PAL version of the game, press [Up]x2, [R1], [L1], [Up]x2 during game play.

Alternately, enable the "All Research" code, or research the following: all vaccines, glowing egg.

Plague Outbreak
Press [Down], [Up], [Down], [Left], [R1]x3 during game play. Your dinosaurs will become diseased.

Pax Jurassicus
Press [L1], [Left], [Up], [Left], [Up], [Left], [L1] during game play. Rampages will no longer occur.

Sequencing Error
Press [Down], [R1] + [Up] during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 55%.

Press [L1], [R1], [L1], [Right], [Down], [R1] during game play. This will set all excavated dinosaur DNA to 0%.

All Research
Press [Down]x3, [Left], [Right], [L1], [Down], [Up] during game play. Everything will be researched.

Oh No!
Hold [R1] and press [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right] during game play. All tourists will die.

In the PAL version of the game, press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [R1] during game play.

Press [R1] + [L1], [Left], [Down], [Right]x2 during game play. You can now shoot from the safari cars by using the camera.

Hot One
Press [R1] + [Down], [R1] + [Down] during game play. A heat wave will occur.

Storm Free
Press [R1]x2, [Left], [Right], [Up], [Right] during game play. Storms will clear up.

Press [Left], [Up], [Right], [Down], [L1] + [R1] during game play. A twister will appear on the island.

No Red Tape
Press [L1], [R1], [Left], [Down]x4 during game play. If anyone dies, you will not get charged no matter if you are in emergency mode or not.
Site B
To unlock the Site B option at the main menu, successfully complete all the missions.

More visitors
If you want more people to visit your park, build four or five entrances on all different sides.

Enable the "Seal Of Approval" code to get five stars. Put as many entrances as you can, then open your park. The chopper should appear instantly, and lots of people should walk through the entrance.

Create a no enclosure safari (still fencing off carnivores). Place a large square fence around the area where people arrive in the space. Fill it with dinosaurs that do not eat humans, then create a small gap in the fence to let humans pass through. Place musters there to stop dinosaurs crossing. On the other side of the fence, continue building a fenced-off dinosaur park. If done correctly, your star rating will keep going up.

Before you open the park, set the entrance fee to 5,000 and 100 people will come in at full price. After that, lower it to 200 so that it will be normal, otherwise no one will come again.

Safari ride
Have two large enclosures, one for Jurassic dinosaurs and another for Cretaceous dinosaurs. Fill them both with paleo trees. Keep enabling the money cheats to add as many as possible. Try not to make too many mechanical object too visible, such as hatcheries. Try to hide them with small mountains or lots of vegetation. Have a mixture of herbivores and carnivores in both enclosures. You will then get a rather high authenticity level.

Saving money
To save a little money, build a small enclosure around a hatchery. When you hatch a dinosaur, sedate it, and move it to its cage.

Build your concessions and park entrances inside a fence. Then, run a fence through the middle of the land and make some hatcheries. Also, put some Auto Lures near the fence so that people can see the dinosaurs. This saves time and money, as you do not build individual cages.

Spinosaurus: Rampages
Spinosaurus always go on a rampage sooner or later. Be prepared to kill one and hatch a new one. Never put more than one Spinosaurus in a cage. If you do, one will go on a rampage in the first few months. Never put a Spinosaurus in with other large carnivores. The Spinosaurus or the other type of dinosaur will go on a rampage.

Dinosaurs fights
No dinosaur will fight a Brachiosaur, but you can get many carnivores to fight each other. However, Acrocanthersaurus and Charcardontosaurus will fight each other at site B only when when stressed. They will not fight for territory. T. Rex and Spino will fight Ankylosaurs, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus when they are hungry. The biggest fights are the T. Rex vs. Spino. If Spino, wins they will be impressed. If T. Rex wins, it will not look too authentic. Raptors will not attack each other, Dilophosaurus, or any other small carnivores unless they are stressed.

Rescue The President level
Shoot the Raptors first. Then, run fast and escape. Once they are all dead, take out the Spinosaurus and then any desired dinosaur.

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