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Jan. 20, 2009
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Mirror World cheat
Collect 15 orbs during game play.

Toggle Jak's Goatee cheat
Collect 5 orbs during game play.

Small Head Mode cheat
Collect 45 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 1 cheat
Collect 65 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 2 cheat
Collect 95 orbs during game play.

Peace Maker Gun Course cheat
Collect 105 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 3 cheat
Collect 125 orbs during game play.

Level Select cheat
Collect 145 orbs during game play.

Unlimited Dark Jak cheat
Collect 165 orbs during game play.

Hero Mode cheat
Collect 200 orbs during game play. When this cheat is activated, start a new game to begin with all four morph guns attachments and an alternate secrets list.

Note: There are quite a lot of good things in Hero mode. Keep repeating a level with Metal Heads and you will get a lot of Skull Gems. Also, collect 25, 30, and 35 Orbs and to unlock Infinite Ammo, Infinite Dark Jak and Invulnerability at the start the game.

In Hero mode, once you get the "Invulnerability", "Unlimited Dark Jak", and "Unlimited Ammo" cheats, the rest of the missions throughout the remainder of the game are going to be easy. However, some will be challenges, such as when you must destroy the tanker at the drill platform.

Alternate scrap book
Collect 200 orbs in Hero Mode.
Dead Town: Paralyze Metal Heads
This trick works in any mission in Dead Town. When you are on an island, jump to the next one. An ambush of Metal Heads will pop up out of the ground. Jump back to the other island. The Metal Heads will be paralyzed. Take out your Blaster Gun and shoot away at the Metal Heads.

Dead Town: Easy Precursor Orbs
After getting the Jet Board, use it to skim across the water to the northeast side of Dead Town. There should be an opening under a ledge. Go through the opening and follow the path inside it to find about ten orbs.

Haven Forest: Samos still waiting
After completing the game, go to Haven Forest. Samos will still be sitting by the tree that you had to defend him at.

Haven Forest: Easy Precursor Orbs
When you go to Haven Forest to kill Scout Metal Heads, look in the water. there are about eight orbs in the water.

In the Hip Hog Heaven, crouch and crawl under the Whack-A-Metalhead game. Move around and Daxter's head will poke through the holes.

Hip Hog Heaven: Precursor Shark trophy
Go to Krew's Place saloon. Turn around and look towards the door to see the Precursor Shark that annoyed you in the original Jak And Daxter on a trophey rack.

Get Seal Piece at Water Slums
Try getting on the jet-board and ride the docks. Be careful not to fall off and avoid the Krimzon Guards. It is slightly tricky, but once you get ahead of the guards coming down it is not so bad.

When you get ambushed after getting the Seal Piece, turn evil and do a Dark Blast ([Square] + [X]) into the water. Normally, a little thing pops up and kills you, but the Dark Blast destroys it. You can then hop on your JETboard and cruise to the finish, get back on the docks, then run to the beam of light to successfully survive. If you somehow die on the way there, just quit the game and reload it from the main menu. You will start back at the beginning, and be able to turn go into dark mode again.

Get The Heart Of Mar In Weapons Lab Easy battle
When you get up to the first ledge with the wooden stairs, equip your Blaster gun and kill the Metal Heads. Once you have killed them, look to your right and your left. There will be three Metal Heads that throw Dark Eco balls at you (two on your right and one on your left). Shoot them. They will throw the balls but they cannot reach you. Note: Also kill the regular Metal Head on your left.

Underport: Finding Sig
After you win the Metal Head Mash game, you will get a mission where you have to find Sig in the Underport. You will go underwater with the Titan Suit. There are pads on the ground with bubbles and light coming out. This refills an air meter in the Titan Suit, which goes down slowly. In some rooms there are metal headed octopuses that latch on to the Titan Suit and take away a big chunk of health. These can be avoided by moving; once they latch on, it is difficult to get them off. At one point, you will come out of the water then go back in. After a few rooms, there is one where you walk into and the next room entrance is to the left. That room is the last room underwater. You can then get out of the Titan Suit and you will see Sig.

Stealing a police car
In the place where you get the jetboard, take a police car. The alarms will go off. Take it in a tunnel where water is at the same place. The police will crowd up. Sneak up behind all the police, hide under a bridge, and the alarms will turn off. You now have a car that already has guns. If you try to do this in another place, it will be difficult; you will have to find a place where no one will shoot you and find a way to sneak out.

Stealing hovercars
Look on the city map. If you see a white circle, it is a parked hovercar. To take it over, press [Triangle].

Surviving ambush when getting the seal piece
When you are at the part when you have to get the seal piece and get ambushed by Krimson Guards, get on your JETboard by pressing [R2]. Ride along the platform and do not fall in the water or you will be killed, just hover down the path. When you get to the part where the camera changes so you cannot see where you are going, change back quickly so you can see then jump up and do a spin trick ([X] + [R1] + [Left] or [Right]) to hit the guards when needed. Be careful or the spin trick will end with you in the water where you will be killed. This may require a few attempts.

When you have to collect the piece of the seal from the slums (in the mission you get from the Lurker) and are ambushed by the Krimson Guards, run to the edge just by a corner near the guards. Use a roll jump to jump the gap and avoid the guards and gun turrets. If you are fast, you can get through without a single hit, though this may require a few attempts.

Not chased by Krimson Guard
When you steal any car, drive on the ground. When you see a Krimson Guard Hell Cat above you, press [R2]. You will hit the bottom of the Hell Cat, but not get chased.

Steal a hovercar and when you see a guard, change to low hover levels. Go fast, and before you hit them, get off quickly. It will smack them without them knowing it was you.

Tick off Krimson Guards
When you are in Haven City, jump on a Krimzon Guard's head by pressing [X]x2. Do not press [Circle] or [Square] or the alarm will go off. When you are on the guard's head, he will try to swat you with his gun.

Note: When you jump (press [X]) on a Krimzon Guard's head, jump on the back. If you jump on the front, he will swat at you and take one health bar off.

getting in red alert
Borrow a Krimson Guard vehicle and get in "red alert". Put the vehicle in a location that you will remember (such as close to where you are hiding). Then, hide (try going under a bridge or go in stealth mode. When the "red alert" is over, go to where you parked the vehicle and jump in. There will be no red alert.

Destroy five Hellcat Cruisers without Defeating the Baron
When fighting the Baron for the first time, he will be in a shielded ship attacking you. At first he will fire in straight lines at you. Dodge these. After three shots, his shield will break. Shoot him with your Blaster. Repeat until one third of his health is gone, then get out of the way as he charges to the next area. Follow him and reload with the ammo in nearby crates. This time he will fire missiles at you, which follow where you run. Keep running to avoid these. After two missile attacks, fire at him. Repeat until another one third of his health is gone. Then, follow him to the last area. His shield is now gone; fire when you can. He will send fiery tornadoes at you. Shoot him until he runs away.

When fighting the Baron in Mar's Tomb, pull out the Scatter gun and shoot the mech spiders that he sends at you. When all of them are gone, he will fire bombs at you. Knock them back at him with a spin attack. Aim carefully to hit him. Four bombs will take one third of his health away. He will send more spiders at you. Hide behind the pillars to avoid being shot by the Baron. Knock four more bombs his way. He will get the Precursor Stone. Again, stay behind the pillars to avoid him. He will take out sections of the walkway and shoot only two bombs. If you can turn into Dark Jak, do so and use a Dark Bomb to finish him. Otherwise, knock the bombs into him. However aiming will be much harder now; act fast and the battle will be yours.

Note: When you defeat Baron Praxis (in the Tomb of Mar) and leave Mar's tomb, you will start to see yellow Krimson Guards. The only difference is that they take more hits to kill.

Use the following trick to defeat the Baron in hero mode. Once you have unlocked then "Invulnerability" and Unlimited Dark Jak" cheats in hero mode, it will be easier to kill the Baron in the palace. In the first turn you face the Baron, turn into Dark Jak and do one of his moves. The second time, when his meter is in the middle, turn into Dark Jak and do one of his moves again. Continue to deplete his last meter. In the last part you cannot use Dark Bomb because it will not reach the Baron's machine. Instead, use Dark Blast to kill the Baron.

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