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Cheat Codes
Enter the Following During Gameplay:

[Left], [Right], [X], [Up], [Down], [Square], [Left], [Right]: Acquire Weapon Set 1
[Left], [Right], [Square], [Up], [Down], [Triangle], [Left], [Right]: Acquire Weapon Set 2
[Left], [Right], [Triangle], [Up], [Down], [Circle], [Left], [Right]: Acquire Weapon Set 3
[Up], [Up], [Right], [Left], [Triangle], [Circle], [Circle], [Square]: Cars Avoid You
[L1], [R1], [R1], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Down], [R1]: Destroy Cars Near You
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Square], [L1], [R1]: Full Armor
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Circle], [Circle], [L1], [R1]: Full Health
[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [X], [X], [L1], [R1]: Gain $250,000
[Right], [L1], [Down], [L1], [Circle], [Up], [L1], [Square]: Guy Magnet
[Up], [Right], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Down], [Left], [X], [X]: Lower Wanted Level
[Down], [Left], [Up], [L1], [R1], [Triangle], [Circle], [X]: No Traction
[Left], [Down], [L1], [R1], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Square]: Overcast Weather
[Left], [Down], [L1], [R1], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Triangle]: Rainy Weather
[Up], [Right], [Square], [Square], [Down], [Left], [Circle], [Circle]: Raise Wanted Level
[Left], [Left], [Circle], [Circle], [Down], [Up], [Triangle], [X]: Slow [Down] Game
[Up], [L1], [Down], [R1], [Left], [L1], [Right], [R1]: Spawn Rhino Tank
[Down], [Up], [Right], [Triangle], [L1], [Triangle], [L1], [Triangle]: Spawn Trashmaster Truck
[R1], [L1], [L1], [Down], [Up], [X], [Down], [L1]: Speed [Up] Clock
[Left], [Left], [R1], [R1], [Up], [Triangle], [Down], [X]: Speed [Up] Game
[L1], [R1], [L1], [R1], [Left], [Circle], [Up], [X]: Vehicles Color Changed to Black (Except for Cop Cars)
[Right], [Up], [Left], [Down], [Triangle], [Triangle], [L1], [R1]: Vehicles Color Changed to Chrome (Including Cop Cars)
[Right], [Right], [Circle], [Circle], [L1], [R1], [Down], [X]: Wasted! (Commit Suicide)
Red Balloon Rewards
The following will appear at the Hideout(s):

AK-47 - Collect 50 Balloons
Armor - Collect 60 Balloons
Equalizer (Pistol with Scope) - Collect 80 Balloons
Flamethrower - Collect 70 Balloons
M249 Machine Gun - Collect 99 Balloons
Molotov Cocktails - Collect 40 Balloons
Pistol - Collect 10 Balloons
Scorpion (SMG) - Collect 20 Balloons
Sniper Rifle - Collect 90 Balloons
Stubby Shotgun - Collect 30 Balloons

Side Mission Unlockables
Complete the various side missions scattered through Vice City to unlock new things:

Armor Boost - Beat all 15 levels of the "Vigilante" side mission
Become Fireproof - Beat all 15 levels of the "Firefighter" side mission
Free Pay N Spray - Deliver all 32 cars to the Impound Yard
Health Boost - Beat all 15 levels of the "Air Ambulance" side mission
Infinite Sprinting - Beat all 15 levels of the "Paramedic" side mission
Infinite Swimming Strength - Beat all 15 levels of the "Beach Patrol" side mission

Unlock vehicles for purchase
These are vehicles that can be purchased at safehouses and other locations:

Bulletproof BF Injection - Complete "Beach Patrol" (Sunshine Autos)
Bulletproof Sanchez - Complete "Conduct Unbecoming" (First safehouse)
Bulletproof Stretch - Complete "Kill Phil" (Sunshine Autos)
Bulletproof Ventoso - Complete "From Zero to Hero" (King Knuts, Downtown)
Little Nellie - Complete "From Zero to Hero" (On roof of third safehouse)
Quad Bike - Complete "When Funday Comes" (Sunshine Autos)
Skimmer - Complete "From Zero to Hero" (Behind third safehouse)
SPLITZ-6 ATV - Complete "From Zero to Hero" (Second safehouse)

Unlock Outfits
Do these tasks to get new clothes:

Army Fatigues - Beat the mission "Last Stand"
Casual Clothes - Beat the mission "Conduct Unbecoming"
Cuban Clothes - Beat all of Umberto's missions
Hired Muscle Clothes - Purchase a "High Roller" Protection Racket building
Hood Clothes - Purchase a "High Roller" Robbery building
Leisure Clothes - Purchase a "High Roller" Prostitution building
Mr. Repo Clothes - Purchase a "High Roller" Loan Shark building
Smuggler Clothes - Purchase a "High Roller" Smuggling building
Track Suit - Purchase a "High Roller" Drug Dealer building
Trailer Trash Clothes - Beat the mission "D.I.V.O.R.C.E"
Wetsuit - Complete all 8 Jetski races at the Film Studio

100% Completion Bonus
Complete the game with 100% to unlock infinite ammo and mission cutscenes at Clymenus Suite.

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