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All venues
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Left], [Up], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Down], [Right], [Down] at the main menu. Smaller sized players
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Triangle], [Square], [Left], [Right]x2, [Down], [Left] at the main menu.

All apparel
Hold [L1] + [Triangle] and press [Right]x2, [Left], [Up]x3, [Down], [Left] at the main menu.
All rewards
Go to "Game Modes" and select "Rule The Street". Create your player and win All International. You will receive 150000 BH and unlock all the rewards (venues, tops, bottoms, shoes, and players).

Easy win
Go to the game modes menu and select "Friendly". Choose your team and player. Then, chose the "Head Start" option for the home or away team. For example, to win by five goals, select the four goal head start so that you will only have to score one goal.

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