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Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat mode
Enter the Hacking engine in the game. Enter "CHEAT.EXE" and the cheat menu will be unlocked. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Unlimited focus
Enter "69E5D9E4" as a code.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter "1DDF2556" as a code.

Sparks' Construct in training mode
Enter "13D2C77F" as a code.

Multi-player fighting
Enter "D5C55D1E" as a code.

Faster logos
Enter "7867F443" as a code.

Hacking engine tools
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

CLSA:\SYSTEMClear the screen of text
DIR <location>A:\SYSTEMList files and folders
ECHO <text>A:\SYSTEMDisplay indicated text
EXITA:\SYSTEMExit Hacking engine
HELP <command>A:\SYSTEMExtended help for a command
READA:\SYSTEMRead *.txt files
READBIOA:\SYSTEMReview your character's accomplishments
REBOOTA:\SYSTEMReboot system, remove unlocked commands
CHEAT <code>A:\TOOLSCheat code entry command
VIBRATION <1-100>A:\TOOLSTest vibration feature
BEEP <1-8>A:\TOOLSTest beeps
DECODE <code>B:\TOOLSDecode hint
DROP <code>B:\TOOLSWeapon drop command
PLAYB:\TOOLSPlay *.fmv files
VIEWB:\TOOLSView *.img files
VIRTUALB:\TOOLSAccess V: drive; password is FROZENFISH
ROOTSEARCHV:\TOOLSUnlock more V: drive commands
MAILV:\TOOLSPhone number list; password is THISISNOTREAL
DIAL <phone number>V:\TOOLSListen to phone message
PORTKEY <number>V:\TOOLSOpen communication port; number is 942 for Trinity
CRACK <password>V:\TOOLSAccess RAM: drive; password is 8RAM
TRAININGRAM:Unlock sword; game must be completed first.
READBIO RAM:View biography
HANDSHAKE RAM:Access LOGOS: drive and contact Sparks
EMPRAM:Message; after Sparks is contacted

There is a simple (and ironic) method of acquiring all commands and files even if you have only just entered the Hacking system. In order to do this, first select "Hacking" from the main menu and load any saved game. It does not have to be a completed game save. You will be presented with the Hacking system interface. You can login as "GUEST" or "FREEMIND" if desired. Press the [L1] + [R1]. This may require more than one attempt as it must be done exactly simultaneously. If done correctly, the command list will automatically update itself, and all files will be available. A message will read "All files unlocked", and also ironically states "Remember to remove this feature from the final version".

Alternately, enter the Hacking engine, then hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] at the command list to unlock everything in the list.

Wireless message
Enter the following commands:
Passcode 8ram
3 digit code 942
Multi-player mode
To access multi-player mode, follow the steps used to get the sword. However, instead go to the SPARKS folder and have a chat with him. Activate "HANDSHAKE.EXE". When he asks what program you sent him, say "HANDSHAKE". Then, wait until he is done talking. He will then upload Multi-player to you. Access it by going to "Load" and choosing the level just before the first one.

Multi-player mode character selections
When entering multi-player mode, you do not get to choose which character(s) you would like to fight as. Instead, the Matrix selects two pre-set opponents depending on which scenario/background you choose. Note: Much like Morpheus vs. Neo in The Matrix, multi-player mode is essentially a training ground to hone your standard skills. Focus is unavailable for use in the Multiplayer program. You must have two Dual Shock 2 controllers, as the original Dual Shock analog controller does not work. There is no background music to accompany these battles. Below is the list of backgrounds/environments that are used in the single player game itself, and the characters the CPU will select upon choosing a certain background:
The Pit - Player 1: Seraph, Player 2: Ballard
The Ballroom - Player 1: Niobe, Player 2: Ghost
The Bedroom - Player 1: Cujo, Player 2: Vlad
The Atrium - Player 1: Sewing Woman, Player 2: Janitor
The Alley - Player 1: Firebird Man, Player 2: Police Car Man
There are also two other levels which are famous areas from The Matrix film, which can only be found in multi-player mode:
The Dojo - Player 1: Niobe, Player 2: Trinity
The Subway - Player 1: Morpheus, Player 2: Agent Smith
Phone numbers
Neo and Morpheus views
Note: The following will not unlock Neo and Morpheus as playable characters, regardless what the messages that appear state. In the Hacking mode, after unlocking the DECODE.EXE program, type "DECODE IAHSZWQLFZC". The following message will appear:
"Valid code found.
You will also hear Morpheus say "You have access." Morpheus and Neo are now viewable in the "view" section of Hacking mode, where you can get the stats and pictures of various characters in the game.

If you type "DECODE DBIUHU7XDTSMZYO", the following message will appear:
"Valid code found.
You will also hear Morpheus say "You have access." Even more characters are now viewable, such as the Merovingian and Bane.
Hack into The Matrix
Once you have saved, you can select the Hacking option and begin to work on hacking into The Matrix itself. As the Matrix is quite simply a simulation, its rules are no different to a computer systems. This allows you to not only access all stored files, but you can change the physical laws of the system (as mentioned in the "cheat" descriptions) Laws like gravity can be bent, for a greater time/effect than the limited focusing alone. To take advantage of the Hack System's abilities, you will need to know exactly what to enter following the command prompt (default A Drive standard (A:\)): Enter "DIR" to display directory choices. You can simply type <name of executable>".EXE" then press Enter. The executable will be opened. It is not the same with .TXT files, as you must type "READ" first before the text file selection is revealed in Command List. Simply type "DIR" then a space followed by B:\ for the contents of the B Drive to be revealed for selection, rather than typing individual filenames. After experiencing the rabbit hole for yourself, the "CHEAT.EXE" is invaluable for those with free minds looking to further enhance skills, and bend the rules of The Matrix. After opening the executable, you will be required to enter specific codes, which will directly alter rules of The Matrix, making it easier for you to utilize your ability to focus the mind, and other aspects. Use it wisely.

For an easy way to unlock cheat mode, at title screen select "Hack". Press any key when instructed. Once the system has loaded, type "DIR". You will eventually see various choices. One of these choices will be "TOOLS". Instead of typing it in, go all the way to the left where your options are "HELP and DIR". Click "DIR", then you will see the same choices on the screen above. Click on "TOOLS". From there you will see more choices "CHEAT.EXE" and so on. Click "CHEAT.EXE" and enter in any the codes.

Also, you do not have to enter "Yes" or "No" for command confirmations. You can simply type [Y] or [N] to save time.

Finding cheat codes
Every highway sign you see in the highway level is a cheat for the game.

Look on the billboards in the game on the freeway.

Agent On Board level: Defeating Agent
When in the tower, and the Agent is shooting at you, quickly run down the left pillar and stand behind it. The helicopter should be at your back. Use your peek and shoot move to your left side. If you use a fast enough gun, you can kill the Agent in about three seconds. If you fail to kill him the first time, keep in mind he moves in this order: left, right, back. Stay behind the pillar and the your peek and shoot and you will not be hit.

As Niobie, immediately after Axle gives the Agent the finger, run to the Agent and turn opposite from the door to open the plane. Then use Focus mode and press [Triangle] + [Circle] (no guns needed). The Agent will fly back the other way after the move. Then, hit the button to open the back door of the airplane. Next, have him run to you. Repeat the [Triangle] + [Circle] move until you have got him off the plane.

When trapped in the room with the bulletproof glass, use one of your grenades. Throw the grenade then run behind the wall. It will destroy the glass.

Answer The Phone level: Engage in Answer The Phone level: Trip Agent
Press [Focus], then [Down] + [Kick] to trip the Agent. Immediately when he gets up, press [Kick] and he will fall off the edge and stay out of your way for awhile.

Answer The Phone level: Weak Agent
It is possible to beat the Agent who comes through the ceiling to death. Enable the "Unlimited health" and "Unlimited Focus" codes and it should work. Note: This takes a very long time.

Answer The Phone: Defeating Agent
When you are running from rooftop to rooftop, you will see an Agent drop down onto another roof across a gap. If you Focus and unload on him while running at him, he will begin dodging your shots. Jump across the gap and over the Agent, firing at him as much as possible. When you are over his head, stop Focusing. You will land behind him and although you will not be shooting at him anymore, he will still be dodging for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to get in a good strong kick or try to knock him into the gap. If you do not get him in the gap on your first try, you should probably quit. If you knock him off the roof, you will see his gun appear on the ground, then quickly shrink into nothingness. You have now defeated the Agent.

This is very difficult to do and may take some time. After you see the first Agent, keep running as usual. When you reach the place where the agent jumps through the wooden roof, shoot at him to keep him occupied (or throw him in Focus mode). Run up the steps quickly and let him follow you. When he runs at you, move out of his way and let him stand near the edge. Run up to him (not in Focus) and try to throw him. Eventually, he will fall off the edge. When he does, stand on the edge on one of the little "bars". When you look down, you will see Agent Smith laying down on the sidewalk with his gun beside him. Note: When you look down there, you will also see regular cops shooting at you.

Chinatown level: Evade Agents
Once the Agents get a hand on you, they will keep tossing you around without allowing a chance for escape. Press [Square] when they are lifting you to escape.

Concourse level: Exit terminal
As Niobe, when you first start a woman runs past you. Run directly towards the railing and jump over it. Sparks will tell you to stay out of the lobby unless you want a fight. Fight the cops that enter the lobby then turn and go back to the side of the concourse that you started on. You must stay on the ground floor and run towards the escalators. Turn left when you get to them and do not go up. Continue across to the other side of the concourse and turn left around that corner. Somewhere in front of you or near you should be a man. If you go near him, he will start to run away. Follow him. He will keep looking back at you and will trip. He will run slightly farther, then stop, turn, and walk out the door of the terminal. You can follow him out before the door closes to get outside. You will see the SWAT van parked at the curb, and if you go around to the other side you can pick up an entry shotgun. There is really nothing else useful out there, but you can run around if desired.

Freeway level: The Matrix Reloaded reference
While playing the level as either Niobe or Ghost, you will pass under many bridges. A few minutes from the start of the level, you will pass under a particular bridge that appears to have a fire blazing on top of it. This is a reference to The Matrix Reloaded, when Morpheus sabotaged the vehicle the Twins were driving in, while on top of that very bridge. What you see in the game is the remaining aftermath.

Hard Line Pursuit level: Kill Agent
At the point where you find a grenade launcher after the telephone gets destroyed, find a cliff where you will get killed if you fall off. Lead an Agent to the cliff. Stand with your back to the cliff. Once the agent is at arms length away, Matrix jump over his head and run a short distance away. Then, turn around and take out the grenade launcher. Aim at his feet and try to blow him off the cliff, which saves ammunition. You can also try kicking him off.

Hard Line Pursuit level: Ramping taxi
When playing as Ghost, and you get to the end of the level (at the drawbridge) in time to see the bridge go down, look forward. You should see a taxi ramp off the bridge before it lowers all the way.

cannot see you" code

Go to the gate where the two men are pinned down by SWATs. Enter first person mode and pick-off all the SWATs. The two men will say, "We owe you a lot Ghost/Niobe", and the other/your gate will open. You can now complete the mission successfully.

North Point 2 level: Shooting down Reactor Core level: Shortcut
At the beginning, turn and run to the top of the stairs on the right. Next, hide your weapon, run in matrix mode, and jump across the gap. If done correctly, you should grab onto the railing on the other side and just go up some flights of stairs to end the level quickly.

Unexpected Arrival level: Layout
When you start the level, kill all the guards. Then, look at the picture on the easel. It shows you the layout of that section of the post office. The red X is you, the green arrow is the fork lift, the green Xs are enemies, and the red O with a line through it is the place with the smoke grenade.

Vertigo level: Confused Agent
When you first get outside, do a Matrix jump and land on the first bar. Do not move or you will fall off. If you see the Agent, he will be punching nothing. This is a good time too refill health and Focus. Note: The Agent may fire at you.

When you are being chased by a lot of Agent Smith clones, get to the window which first leads you out to the scaffolding and climb out of it. Once on the scaffolding, grab a gun and hide around the corner. Once Agent Smith comes into firing range, fire through the window while hiding round the side so you can dodge if he fires back. After emptying a round on him, he will stop, straighten his tie and jacket, and will not attack you, even if you hurt him.

Spark's Training Construct
Start a new game under who you want to play Spark's Training Construct as Niobe or Ghost. Wait for all the FMV sequences to finish and save your game when prompted by selecting "Yes". Exit back to the main title screen, with the "Load Game", "New Game", "Options", and "Hacking" options. Select "Hacking". Load the saved game that was just saved. When asked to press a key, do so to clean the system. Your should now be at the "A:\" prompt. Type "CHEAT" followed by a space, then "13D2C77F" Your screen should have "A:\CHEAT 13D2C77F" displayed. Press "Enter". A message stating that you have unlocked a bonus level will appear. This actually refers to Spark's Training Construct. Exit hacking by going to "Exit" in the command list and choosing "Y" (for yes) and pressing "Enter". Save your progress by answering "Yes". Go to "Load game" at the main menu. Look for "Spark's Training Construct" and go there. You can also indicated that it should be the game you just saved; load this. The game will bring up levels you completed. Move to the right until "Spark's Training Construct" appears in view and load it. If prompted, insert the next game disc. You should now be in the hallway full of doors after it loads. Move forward and go to the second red door you see on your right. > Open it and you will now be in a gym where training takes place. Go forward until you see buttons on the wall. Press the left button first. Training will begin. Grab all the weapons behind you and blast your enemies.

Once inside the "shooting range," you can participate in a test of skills. Press the red button and get ready. You will start out behind one of the tables and are told that you are caged in and have to fight. SWAT Agents will start running from the back of the room in your area. If they get up to the 10 ft. mark, youwill lose. Turn around, grab all the guns you can, and take them out. If you get more than twenty, it unlocks the other red door in the hallway. This is where you can engage in hand to hand combat with a never-ending supply of SWAT. This a very good opportunity to harness your fighting skills and find new moves.

In the shooting range in Sparks' Training Construct, look at the hanging targets in first person view. Shoot them until your green crosshairs turn red. Do this to all the targets to open up the other training mode in the same room. You will now be able to push the button on the right. In this mode, you try to shoot the floor out from under people walking across platforms. You will fail if they make it to the other side.

You can only open the red doors. In the beginning only one will be open. Press the red button on the far wall and you will appear before a table. Collect the guns behind you and stop the SWAT members before they reach the 10 foot mark. Note: Use the sniper rifle, and if they get too close, try the shotgun. Shoot the floor of the runners, and when the walkers approach the door quickly shoot them or their floors. Then, work your way across the top row. Score above twenty and the next door and the green button will be available. The green button will set you between you between the tables, and unable to move. With your sniper rifle, shoot the floor beneath them. They will earn you a point, but do not let them reach the doors. After twenty points you can unlock the elevator doors near next to the warehouse in the next red door. In here you will find a red and green button. Push the red button to try and kill twenty people. Note: Use the unlimited focus here. The green button will now be accessible. Knock as many people as you can off the platform within three minutes. Note: Kick them off for as long as you can, and when you engage combat mode throw them off the edge.

In the training mode where you have to fire at SWAT team members as they advance, the easiest way to do this is to select a high powered automatic weapon. As soon as you can, backup until your back is against the shelf behind you. Strafe back and forth as you fire, and you will continue to pick up ammunition for your current gun. This will save costly weapon switching time and you will be done quickly.

You will have to pass a challenge that involves throwing off at least twenty people. Turn around and jump off the left corner toward the entrance. Remain there and they will kill themselves.

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