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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Codes
In the main menu go to the bonus menu then go to cheat codes then enter these codes then to activate go to the cheat menu in-game then turn them on.

BLASER - Allows Buzz to use his laser in all the story levels.
OLDMOV - Play the game with an old movie effect.
3DGLAS - Squeeze Toy aliens wear 3D glasses.
Snakes - When woody lands on ground snakes come out.
BANDIT - Woody wearing his bandit outfit.
Horray - All level unlocked.
Iwante - Infinite coins.
Protec - Infinite health.
Unlock Mini-Games
Complete certain levels in Adventure Mode to unlock the corresponding mini-game for Woody, Buzz and the Aliens.

Buzz Adventures: Aliens - Complete City Dump level.
Buzz Adventures: Secret Base of Zurg - Complete Keep Cool! level.
Buzz Adventures: Zurgbots Factory - Complete Strawberry smells... level.
Little Green Men: Escape! - Complete The Claw!!! level.
Woody's Roundup: Lost in Ghost Town - Complete Goodbye Woody level.
Woody's Roundup: Save the Lady - Complete Family-minded level.
Woody's Roundup: The Blazing Inferno! - Complete Eye in the Sky level.

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