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Aug. 14, 2010
Jan. 27, 2007
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Cheat mode
Go to the "Extras" menu and select the "Cheats" option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

100 reward points
Enter "Crooklyn", "GetStuff", "Duckets", "TheSource", or "NewJack" as a code. Note: Each code can only be used once.

Bless song (Seize The Day)
Enter "Sieze" as a code.

Chiang song (Koto)
Enter "GhostShell" as a code.

CNN song (Anything Goes)
Enter "Militain" as a code.

Comp song (Comp)
Enter "Chococity" as a code.

Fat Joe song (Take A Look At My Life)
Enter "Cartagena" as a code.

Joe Budden song (Walk With Me)
Enter "Pump" as a code.

Outkast song (Bust)
Enter "BigBoi" as a code.

Ricbyobyche song (Lil' Bro)
Enter "GonBeTrubl" as a code.

Sticky Fingaz song (Man Up)
Enter "KirkJones" as a code.

Ultramagnetic MCs song (Poppa Large)
Enter "Ultramag" as a code.

7th Heaven venue
Defeat Bonecrusher in story mode.

Club 357 venue
Defeat Ice T in story mode.

Club Murder venue
Defeat Crack in story mode.

Gun Hill Garage venue
Defeat Magic in story mode.

Hunt's Point: After Hours venue
Defeat the team of Magic and Crack in story mode.
Defeating Crow
Get him near the window. Bang his head on the window three times and he will fall out.

When you fight Crow, get him into danger then smash his head against the window. This will make him fly out of the building and result in a K.O.

Special moves
In certain areas (for example, the Subway Station, Crow's Office, or Sticky's Hideout), you can do special area moves like at the end of the introduction for the game. To do these moves, you must have your opponent in danger and with your special meter almost full, Taunt to blaze, then go near the edge of the ring (the window, fire, or near the subway tracks), then grapple them. Do your special. Your fighter will give them numerous punches to the head followed by a stomach shot. You will then put them in a head lock and throw them to finish them off. Note: The way you finish them off will depend on your area. In Sticky's Hideout, you will throw them into the flames and a piece of the ceiling will come down on them. On Crow's Office and the Sub Station, they will just be thrown out the window and into the train.

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