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Training mode secret parts
Complete the following task in training mode to unlock the corresponding part.

AWH12PL-ETTIN (L Arm): Get 15 Gold ranks
CR-WB03LGL2 (Back Unit): Get 30 Gold ranks
WH09H-WRAITH (R Arm): Get 45 Gold ranks
CR-WH01SP (R Arm): Get 60 Gold ranks
WH11PU-PERYTON (L Arm): Get 75 Gold ranks
WH08RS-FENRIR (R Arm): Get 90 Gold ranks
WB33PL-SKYLLA2 (Back Unit): Get 105 Gold ranks
CR-WH05BP (L Arm): Get 120 Gold ranks
AWH12PL-ETTIN (R Arm): Get 135 Gold ranks
YH12-MAYFLY (Head): Get 150 Gold ranks
CR-WB03CGH (Back Unit): Clear the Attack category
WH10M-SILKY (L Arm) -Clear the Defense category
WH11PU-PERYTON (R Arm): Clear the Move category
WB32L-CERBERUS (Back Unit): Clear the Technic category
CR-WH01HP (L Arm): Clear the Special category
CR-WH05BP (R Arm): Clear the Overall category
CR-WH05RLA (R Arm): Clear 45 training missions
SYAKATSURA (Back Unit): Clear 105 Training missions
Arena mode secret parts
Complete the following task in Arena mode to unlock the corresponding part.
CR WH01HP (R Arm): Get rank "B"
CR WB03MV (Back Unit): Get rank "A"
CR WH05RLA (L Arm): Get rank "30"
WB34M-ECHIDNA2 (Back Unit): Get rank "25"
WH08RS-FENRIR (L Arm): Get rank "20"
CR WH01SP (R Arm): Get rank "15"
WH09H-WRAITH (L Arm): Get rank "10"
WH10M-SILKY (R Arm): Get rank "5"
CR H05XS-EYE3 (Head): Get rank "1"
Part tuning
To tune parts (only applicable with head, core, arm, leg, booster, generator and radiator parts), press [Square] while in the "Assembly" screen.

Glitch: Burst Missile
When you convert your saved game data from Armored Core: Nexus into Armored Core: Nine Breaker, the Burst Missiles disappear. Ironically, if you start a new game in Nine Breaker, the Burst Missiles remain in the garage.

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