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Cheat Mode
The save game file is in text format. Open the save game of your choice using Windows Notepad. Since the file is too big to manually get to where you want. Select Edit from the menu, and click Find. . Type MOTHER in the find box and click ok. Scroll down 10 or so lines until you find the lines that state:


Edit the values just how you like em (100000) will do nicely. You can also edit your character hit points, armor class, and experience. (<span class="small8">thanks: Serrasalmus, Donnie</span>)
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Some Useful Cheats
Type the following cheats in the game.

GIMMEGIMME - Gives more resources
DOYOUSEE - Reveal map
MAKEMENAILS - Tough mode

NOTE: The tough mode works by making your units close to impossible to kill. However their health WILL lower but you will not see it until the cheat is deactivated or you load up a save. Also, becareful of ranged units as they can inflict critical hits which tough mode doesn't prevent your units from instantly dying.

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