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Achievements (Steam)
Art of the Game - Watch all of the credits.
Brawler - For excellence in bar fight choreography.
Here Goes Nothing - For resourcefulness, even if it didn't work.
Light Fingers - Skilfully swipe from under the villains noses.
Lightning Collector - Collect all hidden lightning symbols.
Morphing Master - Collect all morphing objects.
Navigator - Superbly navigate the musky, musty, dusty tunnels.
Perfection - Finish a HOP without using a hint in 60 seconds.
Pet Friendlier - Play with an alligator and keep all your fingers.
Pet Friendly - Play with the critters you meet throughout your adventure.
Precision - Finish a HOP without any mistakes.
Puzzler - Solve a mini-game without skipping.
Quick Mind - Solve a mini-game in under two minutes.
Rank Chaser! - Achieve gold medals in all HOP scenes from the Extras menu.
Seeker - Find 100 objects.
Supreme Achiever - Collect every souvenir.
Swift Feet - Use fast travel via the map one time.
Ultimate Eye - Find four objects in eight seconds.

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