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Achievements (Steam)
10 Events - Have 10 Events in your Library.
30 Events - (no description).
100 Fighters - Have 100 Fighters in your Library.
200 Fighters - Have 200 Fighters in your Library.
1,000 Fighters - (no description).
Big Kills - Reach 60 Homicides in a Single Game.
Blow Them All Away - (no description).
Breaking News! - Reach 500 Updates in a Single Game.
Call Me Crazy - (no description).
Have 500 Fighters in your Library - Have 500 Fighters in your Library.
It's Happening! - Reach 1,000 Updates in a Single Game.
Murder City - (no description).
One Week Later - Have a Single Game last a Week.
Open Source Champion - Visit the Github page for Ultimate Arena.
People Look at This? - (no description).
Shilling Pt. 1 - (no description).
Shilling Pt. 2 - (no description).
Stalling Champion - Have a Single Game last 10 Days.
Watch Your Step! - Kill 50 Fighters with Landmines in a Single Game.
Wild Ride - (no description).

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