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Cheat Mode
Press [Enter] during game play and type HMPRETTYPLEASEWITHSUGARONTOP to enable cheat mode. Resume game play, press [Enter] again, and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

HMGOD - God Mode for Currently Selected Unit
HMREVEAL - Show Entire Map
HMNOFOG - Remove Fog of War
HMPETLEVA - 50,000 for All Resources
HMDVALEVA - 10,000 for All Resources
HMRESIGN - You die
HMSHOWGRID - A grid on map
HMTIMER - Shows timer
HMUSURP - Lose Control of Main Buildings
HMNOTECH - Buildings/Units Don't Depend on Upgrades
HMKINGDOM [x] - Selected Unit Becomes Part of Player x's Unit (1-9)
HMSPAWN [unit name] - Spawns Any Unit From the Game
HMCALC [math expression] - Calculator
HMREVEAL - Full map
HMNEXT - Next level in campaign mode
HMNOPOP - Increase population limit by 1000
HMTHREADS - Display map coordinates
HMDISCOVER [unit name] - Remove unit
HMTIME [1-20] - Set time to day or night
HMDEBUGPATH - Clears if it is slow and makes it regular
HMGIVE - Give player 1000g
HMISCHEATER - Reveal if the player has used the secret taken ones
HMMAP - Display name of current map
HMCONT - Increase health of selected objects by 5
HMSPY - See what the selected units see
HMHUNT - Kills all animals on map
HMRECORD - Unknown
HMDCLR - Unknown
HMDSET - Unknown
HMDEMO - Unknown

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