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Nov. 25, 2005
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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlockable Characters
Once unlocked you must create a saved game with the correct license plate name to play as the unlocked character:

Sandwich Guy Icons (Licence plate: nomayo)
11th St. (Downtown on top of Staples Center Santa Fe and 1st St
On 6th St. between Grand and Hope
8 th St. Between Main and Spring St
Grand St Between Olympic and 11th
Melrose and El Centro
Cherokee and Hollywood Blvd
La Brea and De Longpre
Sunset Blvd and Sweetzer
Robertson Blvd and Santa Monica

Call Of Duty Soldier Icons (Licence plate: nomayo)
Wilshire and Veteran
Kelton and Strathmore
Landfair and Strathmore
Weyburn and Broxton
Manning and Pico
National and Overland
Clarington and Tabor
Cardiff and Regent
Bentley and Clover
Boise and Venice

Ayame Objective (License Plate: knoichi)
M3-G5 Knock out all enemies in Spa

Rikimaru Objective (License Plate: genin)
M6-G2 Stealth kill all enemies

Jeanette Objective (License Plate: vaklam)
M6-G4 Kill all zombies

Taurus Objective (License Plate: awyeah)
M4-G7 Beat clock without damaging vehicle

Officer Dick Objective (License Plate: thuglyf)
M10-G6 Beat level without killing hostages

Desperado Objective (License Plate: Reckon)
100% Game complete - Get all Endings
At the start of the game, for your license plate type in:

J1MM - Zombie
TATS - Glowing tattoo chick
P1MP - Pimp
HAWG - Biker Dude
JASS - A donkey that's blindfolded & smoking
MNKY - A bald dude with tattoos
B00B - A female punk
B1G1 - That big black lady who's your boss
TFAN - Fat black guy
FATT - That old cop that talks the whole game
PHAM - Dude all covered with blood
HARA - Some dude
BRUZ - Some boxer dude
MRFU - Some pimped out lookin dude
B00Z - A chewy looking homeless guy (those are zeros, not Os)
5WAT - A SWAT team dude (that's number five)
FUZZ - Officer Johnson
M1K3 - Dude in a ski mask
ROSA - The chick partner
AWYEAH - Afro guy
HURT_M3 - The chick partner in Lingerie

Snoop lowrider hydraulics
Press [Left] or [Right] while in the lowrider on a Dogg Patrol special mission to change the ride height.
Weapon Unlockables
Rocket Launcher - To the left of your start position in Bank Standoff.
Crossbow - In the middle of the map on Chinatown Showdown
Baseball Bat - Back of the room in Bum Encounter, near the refrigerator.

Top Dogg rank
Successfully complete the Dogg Patrol mission with an "A" rating to become a Top Dogg.

Dojo Attacker mission: Get to the EOD faster
Get in your car and turn around. Take a left on to Third Street, and go past Hill Street. Then, take Broadway Street and drive up to EOD.

Prevent the West Side ripper from getting out of jail
The first time you have to get the West Side Ripper, he will be trying to kill a woman. Get his knife and throw it at his head. You will not have to worry about him any more.

30. Santa Monica, Santa Monica and Amherst Escaping car pursuits
When you are supposed to flee from other cars shooting at you, look for big open spaces like the Staples Center parking lot and drive through them. The people chasing you will stay on the road and go all the way around, giving you a good chance to escape.

To escape easily while in pursuit, drive to the nearest highway. Try to get a good lead from the enemies before you do this. Drive up the branch of the highway, and keep straight. Do not leave the highway. Enemies are not able to get on the highway when you do this. They stick to the main road. Keep straight and eventually you will gain your points and end the mission.

When trying to escape from an enemy in a Rush mission, take out the cars that are chasing you and they will not follow. This takes about thirty seconds.

To escape a chase, find a parking lot or a park and go into the middle of it. Once there, enable the "bullet time" mode and shoot out the tires of your opponents car. For a quick escape, wait until they turn around and shoot their licensee plate to blow them up.

When you start, drive normally until the car chasing you is almost bumper to bumper but next to you. Then, stop as soon as it seems it is past your back wheels. Go into first person view in the car. Aim for the tires and blow them out. When your ''bullet time'' runs out, start aiming at the back of the car or shoot the engine. When the car seems completely on fire, make your getaway.

On a mission where you have to get away from a certain person, turn your car around and start shooting at the person who is chasing you. If you blow them up, they cannot chase you anymore Note: Use precision aim to shoot out their tires. Note: This will not work for all getaway missions.

Blow up cars easily
Drive up behind a car and go into "bullet time". Then, aim at the license plate and fire. Most of the time it will take a single shot. For cargo trucks, aim under the passenger side and slightly to the back and fire. This makes stopping street racers and other people easy.

To explode a car in one hit, go into aim mode and wait until your aiming crosshair appears. Then, shoot when it turns red. If it does not turn red, then just shoot around the license plate until the car explodes.

Stop street racers
While following a speeding car or truck, aim directly beneath the back bumper so that your bullet hits the bottom of the car. Do this repeatedly and the car will explode. Note: Do not do this if you are trying to get a Good Cop rating.

Getting enemies to surrender
When you are doing a crime patrol involving people with guns, fire a warning shot and slowly walk up to them. If they are still holding their gun, either walk up to them and wait until they shoot you, or do a neutralized shot.

Drive automatically
When you are on a mission where you need to drive on the world map, do not press any buttons. Nick will start driving like the other cars until you take over.

Flying cars
Flip a car by a bridge and it will fly into the air and give you a score for highest air, etc.

Slide across hoods
To do this, you must be running at a medium speed (if running at full speed, nick will jump over the car). Run until your are right next to the car then press [Jump]. Nick will slide across the hood. This works on any vehicle.

Spotting illegal drugs
To avoid wasting time frisking innocents, look for people that walk differently. Also, when Nick says "hmm", check that person for weapons or drugs.

Deadly knife throw
In some situations when a enemy drops a knife, you can pick it and throw it. If thrown correctly, it will impale their forehead, killing them.

Easy knock out
When chasing an opponent, shoot them with a weak gun a few times until they are almost dead. Put away your guns and fight when you catch up to them. This makes it easier to defeat an enemy.

Decreasing Cop rank
Simply start killing people. When you kill about thirty people, the S.W.A.T. team comes after you.

Reverse hydraulics
Shoot out both back tires of the selected vehicle and reverse.

Break fence
If you are stuck behind a fence that can be broken but do not have a car to break it with, Run at it and press [B]. This will cause you to dive through the fence, breaking it and freeing yourself.

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