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Nov. 14, 2009

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Cheat Mode
To activate the console you will have to change the settings file. Go into: "My computer\ C:\ Documents and Settings\ User(mines Admin for example)\ Application Data\ Runic Games\ Torchlight" and open the "Settings.txt" txt file using Notepad (make a backup first). At the bottom of the file you will see "Console :0". Change the 0 to a 1 and save the file.

Now, while in game press [Shift]+[~] key to pull up the console and enter the following codes:

CLS - Clears Console History.
Disablepet - disables/enables player's pet.
Belt - Displays a list of all the belts in the game (to get specific piece follow above examples).
Boots - Displays a list of all the boots in the game (to get specific piece follow above examples).
Chest armor - Displays a list of all the chest armor in the game (to get specific piece follow above examples).
Fish - Displays a list of all the fish in the game (to get specific item follow above examples).
Socketable - Displays a list of all the gems in the game (to get specific item follow above examples).
Gloves - Displays a list of all the gloves in the game (to get specific piece follow above examples).
Helmet - Displays a list of all the helmets in the game (Type helmet # to give the helmet designated to that index number).
Potion - Displays a list of all the potions in the game (to get specific item follow above examples).
Scroll - Displays a list of all the scrolls in the game (to get specific item follow above examples).
Shoulder Armor - Displays a list of all the shoulder armor in the game (to get specific piece follow above examples).
Spell - Displays a list of all the spells in the game (to get specific item follow above examples).
Money # - gives money in the amount entered.
Skill Name/# - Gives skill of the name and # entered (to get skill list just type "SKILL" without parenthasis).
Skillpoints # - Gives skillpoints.
Statpoints # - Gives statpoints in amount entered.
Strength # - Gives strength.
Item Index#,count - Gives you item and quantity entered (example - Axe 16,5 /this will give me the Axe in the 15th index slot and it will produce 5 of them).
Ascend - Goes down a floor.
Descend - Goes up a floor.
Trinket - Displays a list of all the trinkets in the game (Type trinket # to get the trinket designated to that number).
Weapon - Displays a list of all the weapons in the game. You can break it down further by typing "Axe", or "Rifle" and it will list those only. works for all w.
Difficulty - Displays current game difficulty.
NoXP - Gain no more XP.
Allstats # - Gives amount entered in all stats.
Defense # - Gives Defense.
Dexterity # - Gives Dexterity.
Fame # - Gives fame in amount entered.
Help - Gives list of all console commands.
Magic # - Gives Magic.
Identifyall - identifies all items in the inventory (as of right now doesnt work for items in pet inventory).
Levelup - increases XP to next level.
KIllall - Kills all Monsters.
Quests - lists all quests.
Resetskills - reset players skills.
Resetstats - Reset players statpoints.
Resetplayerlevel - Resets players level to 1.
Playernotarget - makes monsters not target the player.
Alwayscrit - Player always gets critical hits.
Reload - Reloads textures.
Resetpetlevel - reset pets level to 1.
Resetplayer - Resets players level, skills, and stats.
Restartlevel - restarts the current level.
Room - Returns the room the player is currently in.
Questcomplete - set quest to complete.
Questactive - sets a quest to active.
Cameradistance # - Sets Camera distance(WARNING - Number endered is the Multiplier for the distance).
Setdifficulty # - Sets game difficulty.
Setpetlevel # - Sets pet level to number entered.
FPS - Shows Framerate and other info.
Speed - Toggles additional speed for the character.
Godspeed - Toggles both God and Speed mode.
Combatlog - Toggles combat log.
God - Toggles Godmode.
AIFreeze - Toggles moster AI.
Achievements (Steam)
Angler - Catch 50 fish.
A Lich to Scratch - Defeat the Overseer.
Beast of Burden - Fill your pet's inventory.
Beast Slayer I - Defeat ordrak on easy or normal.
Beast Slayer II - Defeat ordrak on hard.
Beast Slayer III - Defeat ordrak on very hard.
Big and Green and Dead all Over - Defeat krag.
Bum Luck - Have an item disenchanted on the first enchantment attempt.
Enchanted - Successfully enchant one item 5 times.
Enchantment Overload - Successfully enchant one item 10 times.
Epic Strike - Do at least 10,000 damage to an enemy in a single strike.
Cash for Trash - Sell 10,000 items to vendors.
Deep Delver - Reach the 50th floor of a dungeon.
Deep Pockets - Have 100,000 gold in your inventory.
Down the Hatch - Complete 50 hatch quests.
Fetch a Fair Price - Send your pet to town.
Fisher King - Catch 1000 fish.
Fisherman - Catch 100 fish.
Gambling Fiend - Gamble 100 times.
Gambling Addict - Gamble 50 times.
Gambling Enthusiast - Gamble 20 times.
Gibbed - Blow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes.
Hardcore Hero - Defeat ordrak on normal hardcore.
Hardcore Victor - Defeat ordrak on easy hardcore.
Hardcore Champion - Defeat ordrak on hard hardcore.
Hardcore God - Defeat ordrak on very hard hardcore.
Hat Trick - Beat the game with all three classes.
Ironman Victory - Defeat ordrak without buying anything.
Ka-Chunk! - Pull 100 levers.
Line of Kings - Retire over 300 levels worth of characters.
Lucky Gambler - Gamble a unique item.
Mod Squad - 1 game mod installed.
Modpocalypse - 10 mods used at the same time.
Master Smasher - Smash 1500 Breakables.
Mod Maniac - 5 mods installed at the same time.
Noble Lineage - Retire two characters.
Only a Master of Evil - Defeat alric.
Pension Plan - Achieve player level 65.
Over the Brink - Defeat brink.
Passing the Torch - Retire a character.
Perfect Victory - Defeat ordrak with no deaths.
Pet Trainer - Equip a spell on your pet.
Potion Whiz - Drink 5,000 potions.
Speed King - Defeat ordrak in less than 5 hours.
Superstar - Achieve maximum fame.
Supreme Slayer - Kill 50,000 monsters.
Swift Execution - Defeat ordrak in 8 hours or less.
The Adventure Begins - Find the entrance to the mine.
The Horse Whisperer - Achieved enlightenment by speaking with the horse 100 times.
The Long Haul - Achieve player level 100.
The Need for Greed - Suffer 20 disenchants from the enchanter.
Tormented - Die 500 times.
Price of Loyalty - Use 50 potions on your pet.
Purple People Defeater - Defeat medea.
Questor - Complete 200 Quests.
Rich - Collect 250,000 gold.
Shape-Shifter - Change your pet by feeding it fish.
Sir Mixes-a-lot - Successfully create 25 items using the transmuter.
Sorcelator's Servant - Transform your pet into a Mimic.
Transmogrifier - Permanently transform your pet.
Tree Hugger - Defeat the root golem.
Trolling for Punishment - Kill 25 champion trolls.
True Delver - Reach level 100.
Universally Understood - Complete 25 gar quests.
Wabam! - Kill 5000 Monsters.
Walkabout - Take 25,000 steps.
When this Town's a Rockin' - Defeat the ember colossus.

Item Duplication
When you are in a trade window with a NPC simply drag any item from the shop on top of any item in your inventory. This item will now take the place of the shop item on your cursor. Finally, just drag the duplicated item onto an empty slot in your inventory. All duplicated armor/weapons/accessories will be unidentified and jewels/runes/etc. will not be included in the duplicated item. The best shop items to use for this glitch are identify scrolls since they are cheap.

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