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Cheat Mode
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CLUB11 - All clubs for purchase.
THREESTRIPE - Have Adidas items.
PROTECTTHISHOUSE - Have Under Armour items.
ALLOFITSFREE - Unlimited money.
ROIDRAGE - Unlock A. Eichelberg.
ITSINTHEHOLE - Unlock all courses.
WOOGLIN - Unlock all players.
ARNIESARMY - Unlock Aonold Palmer.
THEHAWK - Unlock Ben Hogan.
HIGHHOOK - Unlock C. McGinnis.
THREENAMES - Unlock C. Montoya.
THEREALMONTY - Unlock Colin Montgomery. THECADDY - Unlock D. Wheller.
VERYSNEAKY - Unlock Dr. Smyth.
WHOISTHISGUY - Unlock E. Johnson.
GOPHER - Unlock Hal Duf. DOUBLEDOWN - Unlock J. Dinkerbach.
HOFFMAN - Unlock J. Hozzle.
GOLDENBEAR - Unlock Jack Nicklaus.
RUSHBETA - Unlock L. Daniels.
MOCHATIME - Unlock M. Chino.
NORTON - Unlock M. Leblanc.
DIPPINIT - Unlock M. Murray.
BIGHEAD - Unlock N. Hopkins.
FEATHERIE - Unlock Old Tom Morris.
VARSITY - Unlock R. Iron.
BAYSIDE - Unlock R. Kumar.
LAZ - Unlock R. Montague.
CRIMSONROSE - Unlock Rose Carpenter.
KNOWITALL - Unlock S. Whittfield.
SUZZIEMCQ - Unlock Suzzane Mcintyre.
OUTTAMYWAY - Unlock Suzzie Mcintyre.
WANTSMORE - Unlock T. Shortknocker.
FIVEPOUNDS - Unlock T. Underwood.
GOLDENAGE - Unlock Tiger Woods with a hat.
OLDSKOOL - Unlock Tiger Woods with alternate old golf outfit.
THROWBACK - Unlock Tiger Woods with an old golf outfit.
TECHNICOLOR - Unlock Tiger Woods with old striped pants.
POCKETPAIR - Unlock W. Rounder.
Hex Cheats
Money Hack
1. Start Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, create a new profile, save, and then exit the game (just enter your name, and don't buy/change anything else!)

2. Fire up you favorite HEX Editor (Used HexWorkshop) and load "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06\Career\Players\NEW_Profile.PLR" (or whatever you called your new profile). MAKE A BACKUP FIRST!

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the PLR file and look for this line:

|000017E8| 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0032 0500 0000 0057 8500 0100 0000

4. Change 0032 0500 to FFFF FFFF

5. Save the changes and exit.

Experience Points Hack
Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the above example, and then go to the line 00001780h. Now you need to replace the following values:

4E 80 B9 0B 86 48 5A 00 00 00 00 00 00 55 AA 55


4E 80 B9 0B 86 48 5A 05 F7 0F FA 00 00 55 AA 55

Save the changes and exit. This will give you 1,437,031,087 experience points, so you can power up your player to the max before you even start playing!
Trophy balls
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy ball and attribute point bonus:

Aces Wild (3,000 points): Hit a hole-in-one to Ace.
Birdie Buster (3,000 points): Shoot twelve Birdies in one round.
Birdie Streak (3,000 points): Shoot six consecutive Birdies.
First Birdie (500 points): Shoot a Birdie.
First Distance Putt (2 putting points): Sink a 20 foot putt.
First Eagle (1,000 points): Shoot an Eagle.
First Long Drive (2 power points): Hit a 300 yard drive.
First Par (250 Points): Make par on a hole.
First Tournament Win (1,000 points): Win a tournament.
Long Distance Putt (3 putting points): Sink a 50 foot putt.
Low Round (3,500 points): Shoot a sub 60 round.
Par 4 Green In 1 (2 long game points): Hit a par 4 green with one shot.
Under Par (2,000 points): Shoot a sub-par round.

Easy money
When playing in Rivals mode, save your profile every time you exit to the main menu. Sometimes you will get offered a sponsorship when you have done something great, such as defeating Tiger in one of his challenges. If it is early in the game and EA Sports, Nike, Nike TW Collection, Adidas, or Under Armour offer you a sponsorship, decline it. Then, reload your profile, go into Rivals mode again, and do not save your profile. Exit to the main menu again. Most of the time you will be offered a different sponsorship. This is done so that you can get the aforementioned sponsorships later in the game to have many more items to choose from, with larger payouts. If you take a Precept, TaylorMade, Bridgestone, etc. sponsorship early, you will get small payouts, but only on a few items.

Easy created player points
An easy way to get points for your created person is go to PGA Tour season mode. The better the round you shoot, the more points you will get.

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