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Cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes in the "Cheat codes" password box that is accessed through the Help menu.

Toggle invincibilitybarnsley or waddawimp
Level selectnozzle or sputnik
Toggle collision detectionpopov or ghostrider
Multiple cheatsclam_chariot or iwantitall
All weaponswelk or suckphoton
Toggle unlimited ammunition.Phaal or leadeaters
Full shieldsbatfinc or raincoat
Full ammunition and shieldsyeahbaby
Toggle number displaydrugssuck or frameholio

Alternate go anywhere mode
Entering "top_trumps or yams" as cheat code passwords displays the "Go anywhere mode on" message, but does not seem to have any effect.

Enter "activate", "gimme_guns", "Level", "Episode", "Options", "Links", "puff", "frei", "Pizza", "Mobil", "Energie", "Camp", "Otto", "Klage", "Hebel", "gnade", or "bibel" as cheat code passwords.

Hidden multi-player taunt sound file
Note this file is only available in the North American version of the game. In the "wavs" folder, there is a file named "taunt10.wav". This sound clip cannot be played within the game, unless you rename the file to another taunt number from 1 to 9.

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