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TRAINER FOR v1.0.0.1
Aug. 03, 2012
+7 option(s)1.3MB
Apr. 21, 2012
+10 option(s)544KB
TRAINER FOR v1.0.0.1
Apr. 17, 2012
+6 option(s)79KB
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Cheat Mode
Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[~] while playing to bring down the command console. Then type any of the following cheat codes:

map [level name] - Go to wanted level (see below).
cmd(godmode) - God mode.
cmd(giveall) - Level weapons, ammo, dart upgrade point.
cmd(noclip) - No Clipping mode.

NOTE: The names of levels can be found in the "[game installation dir]\Syndicate\content\worlds" folder.

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