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Unlock Guile's Theme
Pause the game in any level, then hold [Jump] and press [Up], [Down], [Down], [Down] to have Guile's Theme replace the background music until you put the code in again.

Hidden Abilities Code
Press and hold [Jump] + [Fire] buttons for about 5-6 seconds.

Play as Mega Man Without his Helmet
Hold [Shoot] on Ryu on the stage select screen and then press [Right], [Right], [Right], [Left]. If entered correctly, a sound will play and Mega Man will lose his helmet on the stage select screen.

Unlock All Eight Bosses and 4 E-Tanks
At the title screen, select Password, then enter [A5], [B2], [B4], [C1], [C3], [C5], [D4], [D5], [E2].

Unlock 4 E-Tanks in New Games (Version with Password only)
At the title screen, select Password, then enter [A5], [B1], [B3], [C4], [D2], [D3], [E1], [E4], [E5].
Get an Easy Perfect
Just before killing your stage boss, use your E-tank to refill your health back to maximum. Doing this will trick the game into thinking you've earned a perfect in the round. Once you kill your boss when your health is full, you will earn a Perfect.

More E-Tanks
Let the timer after you die hit 0, go back into the game and you will have all the tanks you previously collected and you can recollect the E tanks from the levels all over again. I got 10 E tanks at one point.

More E Tanks on Ver. 2.0
Collect the four energy tanks in Chun Li, C. Viper, Ryu, and Dhalsim's stages. After collecting those four, go back to Chun Li's stage and defeat her. After getting the password, write it down and restart the game. When you go back to your game after using the password, go to C. Viper's, Ryu's, and Dhalsim's stages again to get another three energy tanks. You can keep doing this as long as the stage can be played again after entering the password.

Fight Against Akuma
Complete the game with 3 or more Perfects, and after the final battle, Akuma will challenge you.

Fight Against Sagat
To fight Sagat, you must obtain 4 perfects in the boss rush before Bison. Sagat will show up before the fight with Bison.

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