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Cheat Mode
Press [Pause] and type imabigcheat to enable cheat mode. The sound of a bell will confirm correct code entry. NOTE: High scores are disabled in cheat mode. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

blast - Power up current main weapon
plasma - Plasma main weapon
pulse - Pulse main weapon
cash - 5,000 credits
flames - Short term invincibility
nuke - Four nuclear weapons
life - Extra life
warpto - Jump to level in current episode
impulse - Standard Impulser engine
megapulse - Megapulse 2000 engine
ioniser - Hydrogen Ioniser engine
gravdis - Gravdis 5 engine
ener - Enertron satellite
mine - Mineslammer satellite
dyna - Dynamo 500 satellite
t00 - Removes top weapon -
t01 - Credit Drone top weapon
t02 - Plasma Bomb top weapon
t03 - Evolter top weapon
t04 - Matter Disruptor top weapon
t05 - Rebounder top weapon
t06 - A-Matt Boomerang top weapon
t07 - Fragmentor BE800 top weapon
t08 - Bi Partical Cannon top weapon
t09 - Flamer top weapon
t10 - Ion Cannon top weapon
t11 - Magnum 3000DX top weapon
t12 - Dual Laser top weapon
t13 - Torpedo Launcher top weapon
b00 - Removes bottom weapon
b01 - Credit Drone bottom weapon
b02 - Plasma Bomb bottom weapon
b03 - Evolter bottom weapon
b04 - Matter Disruptor bottom weapon
b05 - Rebounder bottom weapon
b06 - A-Matt Boomerang bottom weapon
b07 - Fragmentor BE800 bottom weapon
b08 - Bi Partical Cannon bottom weapon
b09 - Flamer bottom weapon
b10 - Ion Cannon bottom weapon
b11 - Magnum 3000DX bottom weapon
b12 - Dual Laser bottom weapon
b13 - Torpedo Launcher bottom weapon

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