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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Codes
Press [~] during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

help - List console commands
g_always_run <0 or 1> - Toggle permanent running

Bonus content
Enter the game's folder and run the "setup-bp.exe" file. Select a language, then enter pseudodog and snork as codes to unlock the bonus content.
Easy way to get AKM-74/SU, RGD-5 Grenade and anti-radiation caps close to the beginning of the game
Play the first mission (rescue a stalker from some raiders) and collect as many items as you can from the fallen. Go back to the camp you begin the game and sell the collected guns. At that point you should already be able to but the silenced handgun and have some spare change (ideally just over 500 RU), if not then do a side-mission for the stalker you just saved.

Once you have the silenced handgun and ~500 RU you should make your way north towards the bridge where you can see 4 or 5 army soldiers engaged with a few stalkers. Save your game and wait until the soldiers got rid off the stalkers and speak to the soldier towards the left of the bridge (close to the debris, not the one at the campfire!). He will let you pass the barricade for 500 RU. Agree to pay the money and he will turn around. At this point you have about 3-5 seconds where none of the soldiers will be looking at you, and the soldier you just spoke to just so happened to be in an area of debris and pipes. Shoot him with the silenced handgun, and MAKE SURE it is a headshot. He will go down quietly, however make sure you un-equip your weapon at the same time.

If you have done it quick enough the other soldiers will not notice a thing and you can loot the body to get hold of a decent weapon, grenades and some anti-radiation caps. However, timing is everything and since the solider's position changes during the fight you may want to make use of your quick-save/quick-load keys. Also, while you are at it, make sure you climb up to the wagon still hanging at the top of the bridge for some more hidden equipment.

Get to Freedom armory without being part of Freedom
To sneak into the armory, push a chair from the other room to the guard. It doesn't matter if the chair falls down partway. When it is touching the guard, jump on it, then jump onto him. The game will push you past him, into the armory hallway. To access it, simply slash the lock with your knife. To get out, use another chair in the armory or the other room.

Various Endings
To ensure the correct Wishgranter ending, do not have more than one criteria fulfilled:

Ending A - Go to the Wishgranter with more than 50,000 RU.
Ending B - Go to the Wishgranter with rank points over 1,000.
Ending C - Go to the Wishgranter when Lukash and Voronin are both dead.
Ending D - Go to the Wishgranter with rank points below -1,000.
Ending E - Go to the Wishgranter with none of the above criteria.
Ending F - Join the C-Consciousness.
Ending G - Refuse to join the C-Consciousness.

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