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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005
+11 option(s)55KB
Nov. 25, 2005
+11 option(s)67KB

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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Press "" to display the talk feature, then type the desired code and press enter:

God mode - iamgod
Full health - smoghead
Enable debug mode - debug on
Disable debug mode - debug off
God mode in last stage - iamgoddess
Kill nearby enemies - giants
Land with flight mode - active drop
List weapon names in debug mode - all weapons
Obtain indicated item - gimme ****
Remove fog - foghack
Switch view to nearest enemy - switch
Toggle flight mode - enabled fly
Unlock doors - opensezme

Developer mode: Hold down Shift while starting the game. Go to the "Developer Mode" tab and select the options you want.

NOTE 1: Everyone is saying that the Soulbringer Cheats do not work. They do work, but not in the way it is being told. If you download the save game patch, it has the cheats in it. You must start your game, and then save it. After you save it, un-zip the save game patch into the folder where your saved game is. Reboot the system, and restart the game. You'll be god-like, have plenty of money, and completing the game will be much easier. You still will still have to eat food to keep up you life bar, you will velnerable, but not as much as earlier.

For people are still having problems with it: First you have to download the save game patch. After that, start you game of Soulbringer with a new game, just as if you are starting it for the first time. After you finish talking to the ferry man, save your game and then exit out of the game altogether. The save game patch is a zip file. If you right click on the patch, chose the option "extract to.....". A menu will appear. Chose in this order. My computer, your c drive, program files, infrogrames, soulbringer, data, save, and then save0. After you do this, you must do it again but, go to my computer, your c drive, program files, infrogrames, soulbringer, data, save, and then save-1. Both times you do this, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the file that already exist. yes!!!! If you do not do this, the cheat will not take place. After you do the cheat, restart your system, and then restart your game. After you get back into your game, there will be message at the bottom that says something like "More points Level up". Just ignore the message, for by the time you get to the brigands with the clock it will disappear. The cheat does not work seperately, but as one. You will start out with all your abilities at 255, lots of gold, and level 57. You are just about god-like. Depending on the emenies you encounter, you could still use up your health and mana, so during the game I only worry about food to rebuild my strength. I buy lots of sacks from the general store, and use one sack for potions, several for armor one inside the other, one for books and runes, etc. You can carry everything that way. The only difference in the game, is that when you wake up at uncle's house, you can pay him then instead of waiting till later. If you don't see him when you wake up, go to town, tend to business, and then come back.

NOTE 2: There is no talk window and saving a patched game to a save game slot is bogus to. If you really want to cheat and not play the game all the way through like a normal person download a trainer, and if you don't know how to use a trainer you have to start a new game you know like when you first started playing and then you have to push alt and tab at the same time wich will lower the screen to the start menu the open up the trainer set the attritbutes the way you want them and leave the trainer on now go back to your game and you will be alot stronger, you will have whatever amount of money you want, you can be at any level you wish, you can kill your enemies in one hit and have all the mana and hit points you can possibly get and more just trust me.) If you want to cheat this is your best bet.
Another Set of Cheats for This Game
Some Useful Cheats
First, access SCRIPT folder in your SOULBRINGER game directory,there are many files( *.S) Open these file with word pad...You can edit a lot of things here. for example the file EX.S show you the number of EXP granted to you after finishing a quest...edit this number SAVE IT and you'll get the exp you had edit...there're alot of interesting things here and I haven't discovered.hope you enjoy !! Remember to make back up copy to the file you want to edit and change its attributes to ACHIEVE in order to save it.
Selling Items
Get items repaired before selling them. The difference in the cost of repair and money given when the item is sold is often in your favor.

The Hex
The walkthrough on this game helps a lot, I was so lost on the consept of "the hex" it was driving me nuts w/o that walkthrough. ok, well before I got the walkthrough, I had completed all the quests it talked about up until the bishop, but I had already done the 7 kings barrows and had the firesword so I can tell you- it works GREAT on the bishop, if you dont wanna used all the SP and fire scrolls... OK also, after I found out the stuff I was wondering already from the walkthrough, I just continued o play w/o it's help and I want strait to shadowguard after crossing the river with allis ham and I just looked around in the city and I got the metal from the blacksmith &took it to hammer for the nice new armguards which helped me a lot in my coming battle - you might wanna get those ASAP... In the eastern fens, I went strait from the entrance, ran into & killed the zombies, but then I kept going straitto the kinda sonehenge-looking rocks at the back, then made my way back toward! s the hex stone & the battle. I saw the spiders across the way & found them MUCH easier to deal with from scross the litle river, so I took them out- then -went to help in the battle...when I went to the church ruins instead of going in from the road, I came in the oppostite way and round reading the scroll of banish ment on the Raal b4 he killed me a lot easier...

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