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May. 31, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005

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Extra Money
First, go to properties of the following file: C:\Program Files\Singles2\config\game.cfg and take out the read-only attribute. Before you start a new game, go to your installed singles folder, then to the "config" folder, and find "game.cfg" file. Make a backup first, then select the file properties and take out the read-only attribute. Search for "money" and change the values to as high as 999999. These are the default values:

moneyEmptyScene = 100000
moneyStartStory = 496
moneyStartBackyard = 2500
moneyStartApartment = 5000
moneyStartPenthouse = 10000

Save the changes, edit the properties (make the file read-only again), and start the game.

Unlock all modes
Use the method described above to edit game.cfg file. Look for BackyardEnabled = false, ApartmentEnabled = true, PenthouseEnabled = false and change the false for true and you are set.

Uncensored version
Use the method described above to edit game.cfg file. Search for "pixelation" then, and make sure that pixelate = true, and that fullPixelation = false. This works for the international game version.

First of all, play a game and save it, then quit the game. Open the "savegameX_Apartment.dat" file in notepad if the character you want to edit lives in an apartment or savegameX_Penthouse if he lives in a penthouse and so long (X is the saved game you want to edit e.g. savegame3_Apartment.dat check the screenshot to be sure) You can find the file in the "\savegame" folder where the singles game is located. Now search for skillpoints, when you find it change its value to 30 search again and change it to 30. Do that until there is no more skillpoints entries. This is to be improved but for now, it does the job. Now run the game open your saved game and spend your new skillpoints!

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