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Industrial (
Cyberpunk (
European (
Smalltown (
Authoritarian (

Cheat Mode
Press [Enter] while playing to bring up the text window and then enter the following codes:

MoneyTree # - Set the ammount of monney
Burn - Set fire to the selected building
Eureka - Toggle availability of all buildings
reward - Toggle reward buildings
NoFire - Toggle fire
SetHappiness # - Set the Happiness value of the selected sim
allhappy # - Set the happiness of all sims
partridge - Make all Sims happy
satisfy - Toggle citizen satisfaction on/off
damage # - Damage/repair the selected building
allsick # - Randomly disease # sims (use "0" to cure all sims)
allinjure # - Randomly injure # sims (use "0" to cure all sims)
whatsaguzzardo - Toggle building actions visits
orbo - Toggle energy costs
win - Win the Jack of all Trade achievement (trophy) and its rewards
showgrid - Toggle green grid lines on the map
setemi [1/0] - Toggle street lamps on/off
injure [1/0] - Toggle injury of the selected sim
sick [1/0] - Toggle sickness of the selected sim
malert - Display an alert message in the upper-left
warn [text] - Show the text in a red box on the top of the screen
alert [text] - Display a green-coloured alert on the upper-right
kill - Kill the selected sim
KillAll - Kill all sims
spawn - ?

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