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Nov. 25, 2005
Nov. 25, 2005

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(Note that not all will work with v1.1. Type these in while playing the game.)

VERS - Your software version number
FUND - Bond at 25% interest (see below on how to use this for gain)
PORN - if you have a soundcard, you'll hear an audible voice
MEMY - memory check
TEST - ???
CASS - $250 at the end of the month. Don't use too many times...

<DAMN, DARN, and HECK (could be others, too)> Don't type these in. Will cause churches to dezone your residential areas. Big mistake. Whatever you do, don't save your city after typing these in. Re-load
the game to clear the bug.

Money cheat:

While in a fresh new city (don't build anything), do the following.

1. type FUND to issue a bond at 25% interest- say yes to it.
2. repeat step 1.
3. go to the budget window and take out a real bond. The interest should be .%. Say yes to it.

Your city should now receive a million or so each year.

If you doubleclick on a helicopter it will crash! The pilot screams for help. <tt> </tt>

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