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Nov. 10, 2010

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Achievements (Steam)
And it continues - Complete Single Player Campaign on Normal Mode.
Just getting started - Take out 20 enemies.
Making a name for yourself - Take out 100 enemies.
Mow 'em Down - Take out 1000 enemies.
Backstory - Complete co-op campaign mode.
Father forgive me... - Defeat the priest.
Grindhouse - 100 Chainsaw kills.
I'm just that good - Complete Single Player Campaign on Hard Mode.
Scars from the past - Defeat cassandra.
Revenge is Sweet - Defeat cesar.
The Meating - Defeat the butcher.
The Wrong Guy - Defeat el raton.

Unlock Costumes
ANY-S Shank - Beat the game on any difficulty, then start a new game and enter the Konami Code: [Up], [Up], [Down], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [B], [A].
DeathSpank Shank - Like ANY-S Shank, completing the game on any difficulty, then entering [Up], [X], [Down], [B], [Left], [Y], [Right], [A].
Shank the Gimp - All you have to do is complete 500 kills (rats or bats).
Kung Fu Shank - Give Shank a Bruce Lee makeover by scoring 1,000 kills.
Red Pajamas Shank - Transform Shank into a red ninja by accomplishing a 150-hit combo. Yes, it's pretty tricky, but definitely do-able.
White Pajamas Shank - Everyone knows that red ninjas are more badass than white ninjas. That's why you only need to pull off a 100-hit combo to unlock the white pjs.
Wildman Shank - It's called "wildman," but there's a striking resemblance to Wolverine. Alas, you'll have to complete the game on hard to unlock those hairy arms.
Spartan Shank - Spartans never go solo. That's why you'll unlock this Gerard-Butler-in-300-esque costume if you complete the co-op backstory mission.
Horror Shank - This look unlocks with 100 chainsaw kills.
Dance Shank - Just complete the game on normal and this sweet 'do is all yours.

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