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Achievements (Steam)
Alakazam - Unlock all the spells in the book.
Blood ties - Save all the memories in nightmare mode.
Bodyguard - Defeat the first Boss without letting any of your companions get electrocuted.
Catch them all! - Unlock all of your companions' upgrades in the book.
Comfort Eagle - Pass all the special battles.
Mana fountain - Get 250 magic resource in any battle.
Minesweeper - Destroy 10 "Bomb" shadows before they explode.
Moment of truth - Defeat the last Boss.
Moneywise - Sell 30 companions during a battle and win it.
No harm done! - Defeat the second Boss without using the Doc companion or the "Care" spell.
Painful memory - Defeat the second Boss.
Diet! - Win the "Ice trap" battle without using the Greedy companion.
Easter! - Gulp a dozen "Shell" shadows down with your Greedy companions.
Exterminator - Kill 2,500 enemies.
Fireworks - Cast at least once each 10 spells during a battle and win it.
Get physical - Win the "Underneath the Christmas tree" battle using only Collector and Pulsor companions (Spells are allowed).
Great Explorer - Fully explore the William's memories map.
Hearty trencherman - Win "The endless corridor" battle using only Collector and Greedy companions (Spells are allowed).
Pinchpenny - Reach 2,500 light resource in any battle.
Puffed out - Defeat the third Boss without using the "Sacrifice" spell.
Rainbow Warrior - Win "The slabs waterfall" battle using only Collector and Rainbow companions (Spells are allowed).
Rescue team - Watch the credits till the end.
Resuscitation - Defeat the first Boss.
Sadist - Make it so that 4 Collector companions get destroyed in "The snowmen's waltz" battle.
Shadow killer - Kill 5,000 enemies.
Short range - Win the "Dark woods" battle without using any range boost locations.
Sorcerer's Apprentice - Cast 20 spells during a battle and win it.
Spring cleaning - Kill 1,000 enemies.
Thrifty - Reach 1,000 light resource in any battle.
War Chief - Use 10 different companions during a battle and win it.

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