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Oct. 31, 2009
Oct. 31, 2009

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Achievements (Steam)
Absent Parent - Release Melissa from her Trap.
Aphasia - Release Oswald from his Trap.
Born Victim - Release Jeff from his Trap.
Choked Up - First kill with a Gas Mine.
Cleaning Up - Five kills with a Mop Handle.
Cost of the Truth - Complete game using Truth door.
Curb Stomp - Stomped first Minion to Death.
Damaged Goods - Release Amanda from her Trap.
Darwin Would Be Proud - Died three times.
Duress - Kill 20 Minions.
Eager Student - Release Obi from his Trap.
Forced Entry - Unlocked First Door.
Give Me Five! - Five kills with a Mannequin Arm.
Grave Digger - First kill with a Shovel.
Hatchet Job - Five kills with a Hatchet.
Hit and Run - Release Jennings from his Trap.
Homerun - Four kills with a Bat.
I Can Stop Anytime - Used 20 Health Syringes.
I'm In Charge - Fought first NPC.
It Was An Accident - Kill first Minion.
It's a Trap! - Complete Reverse Bear Trap.
Just Experimenting - Used Health Syringe for the first time.
Kill or Be Killed - Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.
Lights Off - Five kills with a Table Lamp.
Lock Smith - Unlock 5 locked doors.
Merciless - Stomped five Minions to Death.
Never Truly Free - Complete game using Freedom door.
Penetrated - First kill with a Syringe.
Pipe Dream - Five kills with a Pipe.
Professional - Unlock 20 locked doors..
Say Hello To My Little Friend - First kill with a Gun.
Self-Defense - Kill 10 Minions.
Sometimes It Sticks - Five kills with a Nail Bat.
Splitting Headache - First kill with a Scissors.
Stop, Drop, And Roll - First kill with a Molotov.
Surgeon - First kill with a Scalpel.
Treasure! - Unlock First Container.
Violence Begets Violence - Kill the Pighead.
Wait For The Boom - First kill with an Explosive Mine.
What Was That?!? - First encounter with Pighead.
Who is the Jigsaw Killer? - Find your first Patient File.
Whoops! - First kill with a Stun Mine.
Would You Like To Know More? - Find your first Asylum File.
You'll Need This Afterwards - First kill with a Crutch.
You've Been Served - Five kills with a Table Leg.
You've Wasted Your Life - Idle for five minutes.

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