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Primary Collection of Cheats
Duplicate Items
Locate your Sacred 2 savegame files on your hard drive ("C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2\" or "C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2\") and look for a file named "chest.sacred2chest". Do the following:

1. Put an item into the chest which gives you a large amount of gold if you sell it to an NPC (Like the Instruments you can get on the Blind Guardian Quest they do give you about 50-100k Gold per Instrument).
2. Quit the game and return to your desktop.
3. Make a backup copy of "chest.sacred2chest".
4. Start Sacred 2 again.
5. Get the items you want to sell out of the chest.
6. Quit game and return to your desktop.
7. Copy the backup file "chest.sacred2chest" to your savegame folder again. (overwrite the old file)
8. Repeat step 4 - 7 a few times, until your inventory is full.
9. Start Sacred 2.
10. Take the items and put them into the chest under "All Characters".
11. Quit game and return to the desktop.
12. Make a backup of the "chest.sacred2chest" file again (the one with the items in the "All Characters" slot).
13. Start Sacred 2, take the items out of your chest and sell them.
14. Quit game and overwrite the empty "chest.sacred2chest" with the backup you just made and repeat that over and over until you have enough money!

God Mode
Locate the file balance.txt in your install\scripts\server, make a backup copy, open it using Notepad and make the following modifications:

Enemy_weapondamage = {0,0,0,0,0},
Enemy_spelldamage = {0,0,0,0,0},

All Runes Dropped are for Hero
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "balance.txt" file in the "\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel\Scripts\server" directory. Change the "Is Rune for Hero = 400" line to "Is Rune for Hero = 4000".
Achievements (Steam)
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Ancaria's Dark Lord (40) - Any Hero completing the Shadow Campaign.
Ancaria's Lightbringer (40) - Any Hero completing the Light Campaign.
Annealer (10) - Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.
Ascaron Fan (30) - Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron.
Adventurer (10) - Any Hero reaching the Deserts of Bengaresh and accepting a quest there.
Ambler (10) - Any Hero reaching the Orc region and accepting a quest there.
Blessed (20) - Your Seraphim attaining Level 15.
Bookworm (30) - Any Hero has read 33 Books.
City Guide (20) - Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.
Dedicated (30) - Any Hero completed the main quest without exploring more than 20 % of the map.
Dreadnought (30) - Any Hero slayed 25 boss monsters.
Diligent (25) - Any Hero completed 20% of all sidequests.
Discoverer (10) - Any Hero reaching the Wastelands and accepting a quest there.
Explorer (10) - Any Hero reaching Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads and accepting a quest there.
Extremely Diligent (30) - Any Hero completed 40% of all sidequests.
Expert (10) - Any Hero has maximized one modification of one aspect.
Fashion Police (20) - Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time.
Group Hug (10) - Any Hero fighting alongside 3 other heroes in multiplayer mode.
Globetrotter (10) - Any Hero reaching the Jungle region and accepting a quest there.
Hawker (20) - You successfully traded with another user.
Hospitable (10) - Host your first multiplayer game.
Journeyman (10) - Any Hero reaching the Marshes of Hissil'Ta and accepting a quest there.
Junior Cartographer (20) - Any Hero has explored 30 % of the map.
Legendary (25) - Any Hero attaining Level 35.
Millionaire (20) - Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold.
Master Cartographer (25) - Any Hero has explored 50 % of the map.
Polytheist (30) - Any Hero has discovered all 20 temples.
Scrooge (30) - Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.
Survivalist (30) - You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.
Tomb Raider (30) - Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).
Treehugger (20) - Your Dryad attaining Level 15.
The Dreadful (20) - Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.
The Living Monument (20) - Your Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.
Tyr Lysia's Hero (20) - Your High Elf attaining Level 15.
Vengeful Spirit (20) - Your Shadow Warrior attaining Level 15.
Wanderer (10) - Any Hero reaching the Dragon realm and accepting a quest there.

NOTE: Achievements are available after the 2.40 patch.

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