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Cheat Mode
To activate these RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 cheats, name a guest to one of the names listed below for the desired effect:

Chris Sawyer - Photographer guest
Simon Foster - Artist guest
Katie Brayshaw - Waving guests
Tony Day - Hungry guest
John Wardley - "Wow!" thinking
John Mace - Guest pays double entrance fee
Damon Hill - Faster Go-Karts
Michael Schumacher - Even faster Go-Karts
Mr Bean - Slower Go-Karts
Melanie Warn - Increases the guest to completely happy
Multiple names in RollerCoaster Tycoon
You can have more than one person with the same name (which works well when using the cheats) by changing the capitalization of various letters. For example Chris Sawyer can be used on another person by making all letters lower or upper case (chris sawyer and CHRIS SAWYER).

Guests never leave
Want guests that never leave in your RollerCoaster Tycoon 2? Just put a "No Entry" sign by the entrance, facing away from the entrance. Guests can still come in, but will not leave. Note: This may cause your park rating to decrease, because many guests will be "lost" and want to go home.

Extra building space
Build a ride or attraction such as a maze. You can now build on top of that with smaller rides (for example, bumper cars).

Money Making Technique
Raise the prices of all the rides in your park to their excitement rating. For example if the excitement rating is 8.27 you should charge them $8.30. (Round up) Guests will never think you ride is too expensive. NOTE: This trick wont work for certain rides such as cinemas or dodgems so you should either demolish them or lower the cost 10-50 cents. Make sure that all your rides have been re-priced this way or guests will only go on that ride.

Raise And Lower Levels
To raise your scenery just press the SHIFT key and you should be able to drag your scenery up or down.

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