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Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Separate Ways and Mercenaries-mini-games; the Professional difficulty setting; the Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume, Ashley's pop star costume, and Ada's black costume; the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher for purchase (for 1 million Pesetas), and the Tactical Vest (for 60,000 Pesetas); and an alternate title screen.

Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock Ashley's knight costume and Leon's gangster costume. Ashley's suit of armor is bullet and damage proof. She cannot get hurt by anything and it is so heavy she cannot be carried away. You do not have to worry about giving her First Aid Sprays, Herbs, or shooting Ganados trying to pick her up.

Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete Assignment Ada and watch the credits. They will be in gray scale. However, if you select "Yes" when asked "Watch the ending movie again?", it will be replayed in color in a smaller frame. If you watch it once more when prompted, it will play is full wide screen color. They will alternate each time you choose to replay the credits.

Mercenaries mini-game: Items and ammunition
Leon Kennedy
Handgun Ammo x30
Shotgun Shell x10
First Aid Spray x1

Ada Wong
Handgun Ammo x30
TMP Ammo x100
Rifle Ammo x5
Scope (semi-auto rifle) x1
Incendiary Grenade x3
First Aid Spray x1

Jack Kauser
Arrows x30
Flash Grenade x3
First Aid Spray x1

TMP Ammo x50
Hand Grenade x3
First Aid Spray x1

Albert Wesker
Hand Grenade x4
Flash Grenade x3
Incendiary Grenade x1
Silencer (Handgun) x1
First Aid Spray x1

Chicago Typewriter
Complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock the Chicago Typewriter (Tommy gun with unlimited ammunition) for purchase for one million Pesetas.

To unlock the Chicago Typewriter for Separate Ways mini game, first complete the Separate Ways mini game. Save the cleared file for the Separate Ways mini-game, then complete Assignment Ada. The next time you play the Separate Ways mini-game load the cleared saved game file for it, the Chicago Typewriter will be available for purchase for 300,000 Pesetas.

This gun has 10.0 Firepower and a TMP-like firing rate. It can be used to kill Veldugo without freezing him very quickly, and will dispatch Ganados and Los Illuminados almost instantly. This gun also has unlimited ammunition.

When you complete the original game, you will have the option to start a new game with all of your items from the end of your first session. However, you will also unlock Assignment Ada. Complete Assignment Ada to unlock the Chicago Typewriter in story mode with Leon. Instead of getting the Infinite Launcher or the Matilda, save as much money as possible, and sell all your ammo and weapons except for the rifle. Only do this when You should have at least 1,000,000 Pesetas and can purchase the Chicago Typewriter. This weapon has maximum firepower, an extremely fast firing rate, and unlimited ammunition.

Handcannon spread
If you are observant, you can actually see that the Handcannon fires in spreads of four bullets. The best place to see this is to take the Handcannon and go to the lake where you face the Del Lago Boss. Take out the Handcannon and fire into the water from the high cliff on the left. When the bullets hit the water, you will see four splashes. This indicates that the Handcannon fires in four bullet spreads, almost like a shotgun.

P.R.L. 412
Successfully complete the game in Professional mode. The merchant will give you a PRL 412 laser cannon when you start round 2 of Professional mode.

Although the P.R.L. 412 laser cannon takes up 21 boxes (3x7) of inventory, it will kill any Boss in parasite form in one hit, even Saddler. It has two forms of firing The first is to tap [X] to make a flash of the laser-light, which slightly damages and blinds Ganados. The second is to hold [X] to charge it up. When the red dot lights up on the gun, you can shoot a laser that will go through an unlimited number of people, instantly killing them. Usually, using the flash function on Ganados will blind them for about twenty seconds. If the parasite is sticking out of their head, the flash will kill all in one hit within range. As the description of the gun says, it is specifically made for harming parasites, not humans. If they are within range, Chief Mendez, Verdugo, Krauser, the U3 experiment, and Saddler will all die in one flash without having to reveal their weak spot or freeze them, even in Professional mode. Note: This will not kill an El Gigante in one hit, but using the fully charged laser on him will reveal his weak spot. You can then use the flash to kill the parasite. Also, will not kill Salazar, as he is too far away to use the flash function, but he will die from a charged laser.

If you destroy all blue targets in the beginning you can get a free Punisher from the Merchant 2 guns before you can buy it. This pistol hits two targets when you get it, and five when you get exclusive. This makes it work well for crowd control.

Killing birds
Toss a flash grenade in the center of a group of birds. All of them will die instantly, leaving lots of Pesetas. This also works with the Granadas when their heads are transformed.

Defeating the "Big Cheese"
In the early stages of the game, Leon is captured by the "Big Cheese" (as Luis calls him) and his minions and gets infected by the T-Virus. An intermission sequence then follows, opening in the room where Leon was held after he became captured. He is tied up to Luis. After the two talk for awhile, the "Big Cheese" sends in a villager with an enormous axe. A button command happens and you will kill the villager if performed correctly. Most of your encounters with this enemy involve using simple button commands. However, the final battle between this enemy and Leon involves a T-Virus parasite that comes out of the "Big Cheese". To defeat this Boss easily, you will need two hand grenades and two or more incendiary grenades. When the battle starts and the "Big Cheese" is still ground-bound, use up both of your hand grenades. This will be faster than shooting the Boss with any other projectile-based weapon. Then, quickly throw another hand grenade at him as he is recovering from the first one. After shooting the Boss at strategic moments, an intermission sequence will start, involving the "Big Cheese" having his legs blown off. He will cling to the rafters in the Boss-fight-arena. Take out your incendiary grenades. Make sure that the Boss is on the lowest level of rafters possible. Then, climb up the ladder that leads to the second story of the arena. As you run around dodging the "Big Cheese's" blows, throw an incendiary grenade at him as he is swinging those massive tentacles located on his back. The grenade will hit him and he will lose his grip on the rafters and fall to the ground. Now, just as the first step using hand grenades, quickly throw another incendiary grenade at him as he is recoiling. The next intermission sequence will explain that you have defeated him, and you will receive the "False Eyeball" item. .

After the "Big Cheese" Boss' body has been torn in two and he is swinging from the rafters after you, just shoot him at close range with the shotgun as he is in the process of moving and has only one arm attached to the beam. He will fall every time. However if you hit him while he is hanging with both arms attached, it will not work.

When he morphs into the parasite, use a rocket launcher to shoot the Big Cheese. He will then split in two. Climb the ladder and take out your shotgun. When he is close, just shoot him a few times.

Use the following trick to defeat the Big Cheese when you actually fight him in the warehouse, where he twists the handles up and Leon knocks over the gas tank (assuming you did the dodge button command correctly) then shoots the gas and says "Hasta Luego". If you have completed the game at least once, or have the TMP exclusive before you get to him, make sure you have at least 150 bullets, or a full clip (250 rounds). As soon as the battle starts, just unload on his first form until it snaps. When he is in his spider-like form and starts swinging through the rafters, just shoot him with the TMP repeatedly before he even swings once. He will then drop to the ground and try to crawl away and hide. Just unload on him once more and he will die. You will see an intermission sequence where he coughs up blood and loses the false eye which you need to open the door next to the lift you took to get to the Big Cheese. Go to that door and stick the eye in front of the retinal scanner and you are through. When you get through, look ahead and there will be four torches. Either use a rifle to shoot them down; or set Ashley to wait then take about 20 paces forward and it will show a truck starting up. It will then drive down to you, and run over the four men. Then, take out your rifle and shoot him anywhere. Then have Ashley follow, because the truck will crash and about seven or eight enemies will come out and attack you. Kill them for ammunition and money or just run to the castle and watch the intermission sequence.

At the start of the fight when the "Big Cheese" is still on his feet, go up the ladder and get all of the items, or wait until the end of the fight. If you chose to get the items before the end of the fight, the battle will be slightly harder unless you have the rifle with scope. If you do not have it, you must go down the ladder and destroy the "Big Cheese's" first form from the opposite area. If you do not choose to go up the ladder, just stand your ground and move if needed. Try using the shotgun in the first part of the fight. After the "Big Cheese" splits in half, go into the bottom right corner of the bottom level as far as possible. If done correctly, the "Big Cheese" will not be able to attack you. After you are positioned correctly, attack him with your shotgun and TMP. Note: During the first part of the battle, destroy all of the gasoline tanks with your handgun to inflict extra damage on the "Big Cheese" to end the battle faster and to conserve ammunition.

Avoiding Del Lago
When Del Lago goes underwater and comes at you, turn the boat as far to the right as possible. You will always avoid a hit.

Defeating Del Lago (the lake monster)
When you start, he is towing you and heading toward the pieces of land in the middle. Steer to avoid them and harpoon him as soon as you can afterwards (before it lets go). Next, aim a harpoon and throw it at any sign of movement so that you will not be knocked off the boat. After awhile it will go away, then charge at the boat.Throw as many harpoons at it as possible before it reaches the boat. If you get knocked out, press [X] until you get back in. Repeat this process until the intermission sequence starts and the monster retreats.

Defeating Dr. Salvador
When facting Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw man with a burlap bag on his head), do not let him get very close or he will decapitate you. About fifteen shotgun shell to the face are required to kill him.

Defeating El Gigante
Either weapon works; feel free to experiment. When the battle starts, check out the shacks and get all of the items that you can. When he gets close, run between his legs, get behind him, then open fire. When he is approaching you, use the shotgun and keep shooting him in the head while avoiding his attacks. When he roars and starts moving around, something will pop out of his back. Before it kneels on the ground, get in close until the action command that reads "Climb" appears. Use it to get on his back. The screen will indicate which button to use to slash. Press that button as fast as possible until you get off. Repeat the process one to three more times to defeat him.

When facing the El Gigante, buy a rocket launcher It will kill him in one hit instead of wasting your other ammunition.

You will have to fight four El Gigantes (the big monster that breaks through the door and picks up and crushes Leon). You will fight one by yourself, one with the girl, and two at the same time by yourself. The quickest way to kill them is to buy a rocket launcher immediately before the fight so that you do not take waste space in you inventory. Throw a flash grenade to stun him, then run around behind and shoot him in the back. You will kill him in one hit. The same can also be done on most of the Bosses. If this does not kill them, it will do a lot of damage.

To win easily against the two El Gigantes in Chapter 4-2, go up the ladder and go down the rope on the other side of the room to activate the mechanism. It will open the circle in the middle of the room and take an El Gigante into the lava. Do not try it a second time; the mechanism will not work again. Just use the rocket launcher to finish the remaining El Gigante.

To defeat the first El Gigante, avoid him for about a minute or two so that the dog that you saved earlier can help you. When the dog arrives, he will distract El Gigante. Take this opportunity to get the ammunition inside the cabins. Once you get everything in the cabins, shoot all of your shogun or TMP rounds at the El Gigante. Once you have shot all of it, switch to the weapon that you did not use, then shoot him until the virus in the back comes out. Then, shoot with all of your remaining ammunition. Note: It is recommended that you shoot El Gigante with the TMP first, then with the shotgun. The shotgun rounds do more damage.

Near the beginning on the right side of the road is a dog/wolf in a bear trap. Save him. After doing so, he will run off into the woods. Later during you fight with El Gigante, it will show up and help as a distraction. It will take his attention off of you so that you can collect items. If you fire, he will go back after you, but will later still go back to trying to attack the dog/wolf.

Defeating Gothic Illuminados
When you are in the castle and you fire at the Gothic Illuminados, it is best to fire at their knees. They will fall on them and allow you to use a suplex move instead of a kick. You will then throw them over your head and smash their head in the ground. Note: In mercenary mode, the same goes for the rest of the mercenaries.

Defeating Los Illuminados
Instead of firing at Los Illuminados when there parasite is exposed, use a flash grenade to destroy the parasite instead of using your weapon.

Avoiding close combat with Krauser
At the beginning of the second encounter with Krauser, you will be forced into one area due to a gate which is on a time lock. Because of this, you are forced to deal with Krauser until the gate opens. To avoid wasting ammunition or Herbs, climb up the ladder and jump down once Krauser comes up after you. He will jump down again to get at you, which is your cue to simply climb back up the ladder. You can continue this charade until the gate opens, and Krauser will never be able to attack you. Although this is much less exciting than actually fighting Krauser, and far more ridiculous, it is more effective than wasting ammunition on an opponent you cannot kill while risking loss of health.

When Krauser is in his normal form, he will try to slash you with his knife. Sometimes, dodge commands will appear. Press the correct buttons to dodge him. When the dodge commands do not appear, simply walk backwards. Do not turn around and run, as you will have already been hit while trying to turn around.

Defeating Saddler
Look at his legs. If you see an eyeball, shoot it until ypu can see the eyeball in his mouth. Get near it and press [Action]. Do this about three times, then go across the bridge and get the rocket launcher. Shoot it at him. Then, go down, get the girl, and ride the jet ski.

Note: This trick requires a strong weapon such as the Chicago Typewriter or the Broken Butterfly if you have not completed the game yet. When the fight starts, shoot his lesser eyes on his leg. When he collapses, shoot the eye in his mouth to inflict damage greater than the knife. This strategy is very useful in pro mode, where about ten stabs will get Ada to throw the special launcher. However, it requires three exclusive Handcannon shots to get Ada to throw the special launcher. After that, two more shots will kill him.

You will need a lot of recovery items (buy them from the merchant before the battle), the Striker Shot gun, the Killer 7 magnum, and the Combat Vest. When you start the battle, Sadler's parasite will appear. Quickly run over the falling bridge and go to the side. Go up the ladder and pull the switch when he gets close. Run back across and do the same thing. Then, take out his four eyes with the shotgun (recommended) or any other weapon. Land hits with the magnum on his large eye. After you take out the eyes on his legs, Ada will throw you the Rocket Launcher special. Use it on Sadler's giant eye to finish the job. After the battle, collect the 10,000 Pesatas and run for the jetski.

Buy two unlimited rocket launchers and shoot him once then in the eye ball. If you want to make the fight more difficult, use only a handgun and knife. At the beginning of the fight, run away from him until the eyeballs in his legs appear. When this happens, go near and climb him. Then, quickly run towards the little stage at the end of the platform and climb the ladder. Be careful because Saddler throws steel pipes quickly. When Saddler gets near the small platform, activate the wrecking machine and the pipes will hit him. Then, go down and climb him. Run away from him to the main platform and wait until he comes near the red barrel. Shoot the barrel and it will explode, allowing you to climb him. Shoot an eyeball from his legs and climb him again. Then, go to the other platform and wait until he jumps over there. When he jumps, run to the platform quickly and activate the machine. Climb him again and stab. There will now be a barrel. Wait until Saddler is next to it. Shoot it, then climb the back. When you shoot an eyeball in his leg and climb him the eight or ninth time, Ada will come out and give you the special rocket launcher. Shoot Saddler with it and it should kill him. Get the keys and go down the elevator. Note: Do not shoot Saddler with the special rocket launcher at close range. You will either miss or kill him and yourself.

It is possible to defeat Saddler without the Special Rocket Launcher. Buy the mine gun. Shoot it at his torso and he will drop instantly. Then, climb up on him and stab his eye. Run to each level on the platforms to hit him with steel beams. After the mine gun ammunition is expended, shoot him in the eyes on his legs to bring him down. Continue to stab his eye. After you dispose of all his leg eyes, Ada will throw you the rocket launcher. Just bring him down to the ground with any weapon and stab his eye. He will eventually die, and you will have a brand new Special Rocket Launcher that you can sell or use when you start a new game.

To defeat Saddler with very little effort, keep the Broken Butterfly from the Castle stage. Upgrade it to at least level 4 firepower. During the final Boss fight with Saddler, shoot the eyes that appear on his legs until he reveals the eye in his head. Then, shoot him with the magnum. This should kill him in two or three hits. For a one hit kill, upgrade it fully before the fight. Note: In the third stage (the whole island part), the Boss difficulty is determined by the number of guns that you own, the current upgrade status of them, along with the amount of health items and the amount of ammunition you have -- your results may vary.

As soon as you get to the island, start saving your hand grenades. By the time you get to Saddler you should have at least ten. When the fight starts, throw a hand grenade underneath Saddler and walk backwards a little to avoid being grabbed by him. When he is down, climb on top of him and stab him in his main eye. Keep repeating this process and Ada will throw you the rocket launcher. If you are lucky, you will not get any damage from Saddler.

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