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Cheat Mode
You must type these following codes in the game:

Type RED followed by:

all - Give everything (keys, ammo, health etc)
beta - Message "Eat me!"
clip - Toggle Noclipping Mode ON/OFF
debug - Debug mode ON/OFF
elvis - Message "Elvis Lives!"
fuckngo### - Levelwarp (# = Episode ## = Map )
guns - Get all guns
hounddog - Message "Elvis is dead!"
inventory - Get all inventory
items - Take it all!
keys - Get all keys
maxx - Message "Maxx rules"
monsters - Toggle No Monsters ON/OFF
moonshine - XXX Moonshine mode ON/OFF
rafael - Message "For your grandpa!"
rate - Shows framerate
showmap - Showmap ON/OFF
skill# - Change skill (# = a number between 1 to 4)
unlock - All locks toggled
view - External View (Same as F7)
yerat - Another Debug Mode
cluk - ?
time - ?

For example: Type REDGUNS to get all weapons.

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