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Cheat Mode
Type the folowing codes in the console.

god - God Mode (on/off)
notarget - No Target Mode (on/off)
noclip - No Clip Mode (on/off)
kill all - Kill All (including yourself)
sv_gravity - Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more)
cl_blend 0 - Blend into walls (1 to disable)
cl_footsteps 0 - Silent footsteps (1 to enable again)
cl_entities - Removes all except walls (for you only)
cl_forwardspeed # - Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300)
cl_gun 0 - Gun view off (1 to enable again)
give all - Give all items
give weapons - Give all weapons
give [item] - Give an item (see item list below)
map [mapname] - Level Select (see map names list below)

Item names: ionripper, phalanx, trap, mag slug, dualfire damage.

Map names: The Swamps - xswamp, Sewers - xsewer1, Waste Sieve - xsewer2, Outer Compound - xcompnd1, Inner Compound - xcompnd2, Core Reactor - xreactor, The Warehouse - xware, Intelligence center - xintell, Industrial Facility - industry, Outer Base - outbase, Water Treatment Plant - w_treat, Badlands - badlands, Refinery - refinery, Lower Hangars - xhangar1, The Hangars - xhangar2, Strogg Freighter - xship, Cargo Bay - xmoon1.

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