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Achievements (Steam)
"It's been a privilege playing with you tonight." - View the Tunnel Telepathy Sequence.
Almost There - View the Sanctuary Entrance Telepathy Sequence.
Columbus - View the Orange Ocean Telepathy Sequence.
Feeling Bashful - View the Desert cutscene.
Feeling Chilly - View the second Floating Island cutscene.
Feeling Crabby - View the Stream cutscene.
Feeling Flighty - View the Stone Forest cutscene.
Feeling Sluggish - View the Cemetery cutscene.
Great Grandma - View the Floating Island cutscene.
High Flyer - View the Floating Platforms Telepathy Sequence.
Hosanna! - Find the second game ending.
Hot Pot Fan - Prepare Hot Pot in your home.
I am Steve Parsons - Turn on the party lights in your home.
Imaginary Friend - View the Cave Lake cutscene.
In Exile - Teleport to Secret Level.
In Memory of Shandy Patch - Interact with the Talking Elk Head in your home.
Isolationist - View the Mountain Telepathy Sequence.
Just a Dream - Find the first game ending.
Kalimbist - View the Village Telepathy Sequence.
Long Way Down - View the Pit Telepathy Sequence.
Megavice Fan - Listen to Megavice's record in your home.
Oppressor - View the Pit Entrance Telepathy Sequence.
Pagliacci - View the Temple Grounds Telepathy Sequence.
Queen Qora - View the Sanctuary Telepathy Sequence.
R.I.P. - View the Temple Sarcophagus Telepathy Sequence.
Safarifreshments Fan - Drink some Safarifreshments in your home.
Screenpush Fan - Finish the Hall of Heroes cutscene with Scoops.
Skipper - View the Cave Lake Telepathy Sequence.
Socialite - Speak to everyone in town who gives you an item.
Star-Crossed - View the Valley Telepathy Sequence.
Survivalist - View the Desert Telepathy Sequence.
The Empress - View the Temple Telepathy Sequence.
The Traveler - View the Sanctuary cutscene.
Torlane Fan - Read Torlane in your home.
Torlo Fan - Watch Torlo in your home.
Vault 101 - Enter Secret Passageway Level.
Visionary - View the Village Elder cutscene.
Welcome Home - Enter your home at the end of the game.
Worshipper - Light incense at the final shrine.
Zissou - View the Colorful Mountain Telepathy Sequence.

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