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TRAINER FOR v1.0.0.1
Jun. 13, 2009
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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Select the "Extras" option at the main menu. Select "Cheats", then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A message will appear to confirm correct code entry.

[Right], [Right], [Left], [Down], [Up], [Up], [Up], [Down] - Unlock Alex Mercer's devastating body surfing ability.

EXP Exploit
If you are just short of an upgrade (e.g. you have 90k EXP and you need 100k), you can earn the amount you need, purchase an upgrade with EXP, and kill yourself and return to a checkpoint and you'll have both the upgrade and the 90k you had at that checkpoint.
New Game+
Replay the story mode with all of the powers and upgrades already obtained.

Hard Difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the Normal difficulty setting.

Easy Experience
Note: You can most likely do this trick with any helicopter. Do the mission where you have to steal a helicopter to find the right hunter. You are told to go fly over the Infected area and scan the Infected water towers for a suitable enemy type. Instead of doing that, fly to the Infected area and start shooting the Infected water towers that are around all infected the areas. You get about 8,000 experience points for each. Shoot 25 of them and you will get the achievement or trophy Xbox 360 PlayStation3 for killing the Infected water towers without them hatching. As long as you properly hijack the helicopter and no one suspects you as an enemy, no one will attack you while this is going on. One water tower requires one missile. Make sure to steady it so you do not waste missiles. One flythrough with this helicopter can net you 1,192,000 experience points, assuming you can find one water tower per missile. You can get even more than that if you use your machine gun. After getting about 500,000 experience points, crash the helicopter and repeat the process again from the checkpoint.

Note: This trick only works once you acquire the ability to hijack helicopters and have Infected Vision, received later in the game. Hijack a helicopter. Once you do so, activate Infected Vision. Look for the bright orange water towers scattered throughout the level, primarily in the Infected areas. Shoot them with the helicopter's weapons. For each water tower you destroy, you will receive 10,000 experience points, which are important this far in the game. Note: Water towers respawn continuously for unlimited experience points.

An easy way to get experience points is to get a helicopter, preferably without alarm. Go to any Infected area and search for water towers containing Hunters. These are easily found by going to the area where the crows are circling. This indicates where an Infected water tower is located. Lock on to it and blow it up with a rocket. It should only take one with a direct hit. You will receive 8,000 experience points per water tower. With 200 rockets in an attack helicopter you can get 1,600,000 total experience points. Then using the machine gun, destroy forty more towers. You can then use the remaining homing missiles to blow up a hive for more points. Get another helicopter and repeat the process. The water towers will respawn after a short amount of time.

Defeating the Final Boss
Quickly switch to Armor and Blade after the cinematic ends. Having Infected Vision will help. Stay away from the Boss until he starts to jump. After he lands, attack him with an Air Blade Slash. He will become stunned after a few good hits. Grab him and repeatedly punch. If you are taken down to critical level, use a Devastator move to stun him.

Better Landings
When jumping, use a dash just before landing. If timed correctly and if the drop was not too great, you should land at near full speed.

Finding Infected Water Towers
Squawking crows usually circle the Infected water towers, making them easier to find.

Unlock New Game+
Once you beat Story Mode, you'll be able to play through it again with all of your powers and upgrades.

Unlock Platinum Events
Earning a Gold in every event unlocks Platinum Events, which are more difficult.

Unlimited EP Exploit
On mission 22/31, where you get the first cell phone cut scene, you'll be asked to jack a Black ops helicopter. Once you have the helicopter, you are prompted to pick up a few Black Ops guys and then destroy a Hive. Do not destroy the Hive!

You now have a helicopter with unlimited missiles, no time limit, and as long as you don't destroy the Hive, you can blow up anything else without it kicking off the alert meter. This also allows you to get out of the helicopter without it ending the mission (useful for collecting Memory Strands).

The easiest way to get EP in this is to switch to your Infected Vision and fly around blowing up infected water towers. You can save your game in the middle of this mission if you need a break and do the same thing. You can max out your skills and then some using this exploit.

Mind the Crows
Infected water towers are always circled by squawking crows. This makes it easier to track them down.

Smooth Landing Speed Boost
After jumping, avoid using both of your dashes while airborne and save one to use just before landing. If timed correctly, you should hit the ground at near full speed, which is very useful when attempting to evade the military or during a timed activity. Note: This doesn't work for the highest of drops.

Easy "Butcher" Achievment
Once you've attained the Critical Mass and Tendril Devastator upgrades, simply choose a disguise (in order to keep a low profile), walk into the middle of Times Square, wait until you are surrounded by people and unleash the Tendril Devastator this will land you "The Butcher."

Water Disguise
If you are near water, and the military is everywhere, then hop into the water and change your disguise immediately as your entire body enters in the water. You'll can then escape unnoticed.

Orb Collecting XP Rewards
You'll receive XP for each Orb you pick up. That value is based on how many Orbs you've collected. These values are given below in addition to the one-time bonuses you get for reaching certain Orb collection milestones.

Landmark Orbs
1 - 2,600 each
10 - 5,000 each (+10,000 bonus)
25 - 9,750 each (+25,000 bonus)
100 - 15,000 each (+50,000 bonus)
125 - 17, 250 each (+60,000 bonus)
150 - 20,000 each (+70,000 bonus)

Hint Orbs
1 - 5,000 Each
10 - 7,500 each (+10,000 Bonus)
15 - 12,500 each (+25,000 Bonus)
35 - 15,000 each (+50,000 Bonus)

Easy Thermobaric Tank
First you must unlock the Kill Event called "Rolling Thunder," which appears between the East Village and the Lower East Side (one block from the East coast). Right next to the Event is a Thermobaric Tank. Jumping into it will activate the Event, but you can back out of it before the Event begins. Do this correctly and you'll have a free tank. Note: If you exit the tank it or use it to destroy a Hive or Base it will vanish. You can grab it again at the Event point.

Easy "Half-Truths" Achievement
An easy spot to complete "Half-Truths" is the mission in which you lead the Leader Hunter to Ragland. Complete your objectives unnoticed (shouldn't be a problem) until you are prompted to lure the Hunter. Look at the map and notice that it is mainly covered in red (infected zones) and two blue (military) zones, one on the far east and far west. There is an unclaimed area straight up the middle. Stick to this path and you won't alert the military as they have their hands full already.

Easy "Misconception" Achievement and EP
The "Misconception" Achievement requires you to destroy 25 infected water towers before they hatch. Do this after you get your powers back -- when Ragland helps you -- as there seem to be more of them in abundance. Lock on to one and run up the corresponding building, jump to the roof and use the flying kick attack, causing more than half of the life bar to be depleted. Upon landing, follow up quickly with a combo. To make it a little faster, use the "claws" powers.

Later in the game this becomes even easier. Just hijack a helicopter, fly over infected areas and keep tapping the target button until you target a water tower (or helicopter or Hive) and fire away.

The "Friendly Fire" and "Projectiles" Kill Events as both have helicopters sitting next to the Event markers, so grab those and exit the event for a free 'copter.

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