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Achievements (Steam)
Avid Reader - Reading 25 journals.
Curious - Reading 5 journals.
File Catcher - Help Gray get her files.
First Clone - Succesfully solve your first puzzle with a time clone.
Getting in the Grove - Finish the first 3 levels.
I am Legion - Use the maximum number of Time clones to solve a puzzle.
Lore Master - Reading ALL journals.
Master of the Paradox - Solve the first paradox puzzle.
RFID - Get the RFID code to escape.
Rookie Finisher - Finish the whole game.
Speedy Gonzales - Finish a level in below 3 minutes.
Temporal Agent - Beating the game with 2 Stars.
Temporal Wizard - Finish the first 12 levels.
Temporality Fielded - Solve the first Temporality fielded puzzle.
Time Adept - Finish the first 5 levels.
Time Fiend - Finish the first 8 levels.
Time Master - Beating the game with 3 stars.
Trap Escaper - Escape the Admirals trap.
Windows demystifier - Learn the secrets of the sun being visible through every window.

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