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Achievements (Steam)
28 Days Later - Go 28 days without a tenant moving out.
Aestheticly Pleased - Unlock all upgrades in the Aesthetics track.
Apartment Awareness - Run each media campaign in the Apartments track.
Artfully Done - Place an artwork.
Artistic Largesse - Have all of the large artworks in one bulding.
Baron of Business - Reached $1,000,000 in cash.
Boutique Benefits - Move in a luxury store.
Campaign Launch - Launch a media campaign.
Careful Constructor - Built a 50-story building.
Cashflow Chief - Reached $50,000 in daily revenues.
Commercial Campaigns - Run each media campaign in the Retail and Restaurant track.
Curated Class - Have all of the medium artworks in one building.
Decorator's Touch - Have all of the small artworks in one building.
Delegate Maintenance - Renovate all units in need of repair from the maintenance office.
Destination Destiny - Have 100 visitors from the city in one day.
Dinner Dash - Move in a restaurant that serves dinner.
Don't Feel a Loan - Take and fully repay a loan.
Emporium Empire - Have 15 stores in one building.
Established Fame - Achieve prestige of 20.
Experimential Experience - Play a game with a mod.
First 100 Days - Have a tenant rent for 100 days.
Floor Galore - Have a building with 500 tiles.
Get Electrified - Have a building using 200 electricity connections.
Glut of Gastronomy - Complete the Glut of Gastronomy contract.
Golden Opportunity - Earn a gold medal finish in one scenario.
Grime is Not Good - Renovate a unit in need repair.
Happy Tenants - Have 200 happy tenants in one building.
I'm Busy Ruling - Unlock all upgrades in the Politics track.
In the Black - Rent revenues exceed daily expenses.
Infrastructure Info - Run each media campaign in the Infrastructure track.
It is Payday - Reached $200,000 in daily revenues.
It's a Gas - Have a building using 100 gas connections.
It's Technical - Move in a tech office.
Leveled Up Shops - Have a two-floor store.
Loft Life - Complete the Loft Life contract.
Lofty Landlord - Have a building with more than 300 apartment residents.
Lux Living - Move in a luxury apartment tenant.
Luxury Boutiques - Complete the Luxury Boutiques contract.
Master of Puppets - Reached 500 population.
Maximum Reuse - Have a recycling room fill to 100% capacity.
Meet ADA/360 - Review every report in the ADA/360 report system.
Meet Me at HQ - Move in a headquarters office.
Mod Squad - Download a mod.
Need a Consult - Move in a consultant's office.
Office Bigwigs - Complete the Office Bigwigs contract.
Office Ovation - Run each media campaign in the Office track.
Penthouse in the Sky - Move in a luxury loft apartment.
People Mover - Reached 250 population.
Phoning It In - Have a building using 200 phone connections.
Pipe Up - Have a building using 200 water connections.
Plaza Plan - Place an outdoor plaza.
Plebs Are Needed - Have a building with more than 500 office workers.
Potent Potables - Move in a restaurant with a bar.
Profound Proceeds - Reached $50,000 in daily profits.
Proper Walls - Decorate a bare wall with fancy wallpaper.
Refined Palates - Have 20 restaurants functioning in one building.
Rehab Expert - Have an expanded maintenance office.
Retail Revenue - Have 10 stores make a profit in one day in the same building.
Revenue Royalty - Reached $100,000 in daily revenues.
Scenario Master - Earn a gold medal in ten scenarios.
Scenario Success - Earn a gold medal in five scenarios.
Sky High Stature - Achieve prestige of 50.
Smooth Operator - Unlock all upgrades in the Operations track.
Smooth Service - Have 250 successful service calls in a day.
Starred Dining - Move in a gourmet restaurant.
Starting Skyward - Built five floors above ground.
Statue Stature - Have all four statues outside one building.
Such Great Heights - Build a 100-story building.
Swimming in Surplus - Reached $25,000 in daily profits.
Tasty Profits - Have 10 restaurants make a profit in one day in the same building.
Terrifically Trashed - Have a trashroom fill to 100% capacity.
Thrilled Tenants - Have 50 very happy tenants in one building.
Tuned In - Have a building using 100 cable TV connections.
Under One Roof - Have a building with 2,500 tiles.
Upgrade Unlock - Unlock a consultant upgrade.
Water Features - Have four fountains in one building.
We Don't Need No Education - Complete all the tutorial levels.
Your Prestige is Rising - Achieve prestige of 10.

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