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Nov. 25, 2005
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Cheat Mode
Start the game with the "prince megahit" or "prince improved" command line. Enter one of the following codes during gameplay to activate the corresponding cheat function.

[Shift] + L - Level skip
[Shift] + I - Invert screen
[Shift] + T - Extra health point
[Shift] + K - Remove health point
[Shift] + B - Show only animated objects
[Shift] + S - Heal
[Shift] + R - Display room number, jump right
[Shift] + W - Display room number, jump left
[Alt] + D - Save debug information in "dump?.txt" file
U - View one screen up
N - View one screen down
H - View one screen left
J - View one screen right
K - Kill opponents
R - Resurrection
C - View code
[F1] - Toggle position display
[F3] - Toggle player
[F6] - Ruler
[Plus] - Increase time
[Minus] - Decrease time

NOTE: You can also start the game by typing 'prince megahit X' where X is a number between 2 and 14. In addition to getting access to the cheat codes the 'megahit' switch normally gives you, you will start the game on level 2-14 depending on the number you chose. 13 corresponds with the second part of level 12 (where you get to fight Jaffar), and 14 corresponds with the final few rooms after Jaffar's defeat. Entering 15 or above, or anything other than a number, will simply make you start in level 1.

Land securely on the ground
To land securely on the ground from a great height (float)-(shift)+(w).

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