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Cheat Mode
Type one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

healthful - 100% health
thickskin - Less damage
carrymore - 50 more shotgun shells
gimmedat - All items, full health
dawholeenchilada - Missiles and grenades
breakyosak - Shotgun shells
myteamouse - Reduce character size
shellfest - Spray cannon
flamenstein - 200 flame thrower rounds
shotgun - 50-100 shot gun shells
thebestgun - Spray cannon
lobitfar - Grenade and fire extinguisher
titaniii - Missiles, heatseekers
sternomat - Fireball gun
firehurler - 200 flame thrower rounds
crotchbomb - Mine field bombs
hesstillgood - Return from dead
explodarama - Grenades, missiles, heatseekers
theresnoplacelikeoz - Level skip
suckdeeznuts - No clipping
chthom - Revive character
chtpos - Health, Kevlar vest
iamsolame - Invincibility

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