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Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
Enter "sv_cheats 1" in the command console to enable cheats. Then enter the following codes:

god - God mode.
giveall - Give all weapons.
noclip - Fly mode.
host_timescale # - Set game speed (0.1 - slowmo, 1 - normal).
notarget - Invisibility.
buddha - Never die.
Achievements (Steam)
Cat Wrangler - 50 Kills Using Cat.
Champ Whisperer - 50 Kills Using Dog.
Commies Go Home! - Make Venezuela Peacemakers Go Home.
Daddy Never Loved Me - Complete Game Killing Only Males.
Danny Trejo - 100 Kills Using Machete In Melee.
Do Not Push The Button! - Disobey Orders, Given To You, And See What Happens.
Don't Taze Me Bro - Taze 200 Victims.
Ain't Got Cojones! - Finish Your Business With Krotchy.
All Perps Must Die! - Take Out All The Criminal Scum Infesting Catharsis!
Arsonist - 150 Kills Using Fire.
Bipolar - Swap Paths 5 Times In One Playthrough.
Camelback - Piss 100 Gallons Of Urine.
Personal Jesus - Beat Game With Zero Kills.n(zombies And Bosses Don't Count)
Peta Chairman - Kill No Animals In One Playthrough.
Product Recall - Destroy 50 Cars.
Property Damage - Smash 50 Windows.
Psycho Dundee - 50 Kills Using Boomerang Machete.
Real American - Kill/incapacitate 235 Terrorists.
Repo Man - Return Thegways To The Owner
Eastwood - Complete Game Using Only The Pistol.
Emo - Injure Yourself.
Entomologist - 50 Kills Using Bees.
Fail Zombie - Respawn 20 Times.
I Am The Law - Complete Good Path Without Falling Off.
Jack Thompson Was Right - Kill 1,000 Unarmed Bystanders.
Kavorkian - Euthanise 30 Elderly Folks.
Mega-sadist - 200 Injured Or Death-crawling Victims Not Finished Off.
Neurosurgeon - 300 Headshot/decap Kills.
Sayanara, Tree Huggers - Arrest Eco Zealots Leader.
Schwarzenegger - 200 Kills Using M-60.
Scofield - Escape From Prison.
Special Olympian - Beat The Game Once. No Restrictions Apply. Everyone's A Winner.
Stallone - Complete Game Using Only Melee.
Sucktastic! - Suck Up 500 Items With The Shop Vac.
T.j. Hooker - Arrest 200 Perps.
The Choice Was Yours! - Choose Path For The First Time.
There Is No Spoon - Spend 900 Seconds Or More In Catnip Bullet Time.
Wolverines R Ghey - 50 Badgersaw Kills.

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