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Bouncy Dirt and Fission Bomb combo
Cover one side of the interior of a large crater with Bouncy Dirt and hit the tank with a Fission Bomb while it is at the bottom of the hole. Note: Try using Mountain Movers and Crater Makers.

Flying Digger combos
This works best when your opponent is on a high platform and does not have any jump weapons or dirt removers. Hit the opponent with a Flying Digger, then Bouncy Dirt, then a Popcorn. If the Flying Digger takes out all the dirt from under the opponent, a Bouncy Wall can be substituted for Bouncy Dirt.

The following combo also works best when your opponent has no dirt removers. Hit the opponent with a Flying Digger. Seal your opponent in with dirt. Shoot Gamma Blasters, X-Ray Cannons, Drillers, and/or Super Lasers directly toward the opponent. Note: Practice is required to land a Super Laser; you must set the angle precisely.

Pile Driver and Hailstorm combo
Hit the tank with a Pile Driver followed by a Hailstorm (or Napalm).

Ground Shocker and Popcorn combo
Fire a Ground Shocker directly below your opponent's tank to make the ground very rough. Then, fire a Popcorn nearby and the bullets will bounce and multiply.

Flying Digger and Sunburn combo
Hit your enemy with a Flying Digger in fairly deep dirt if possible. Then, on your next turn, drop a Sunburn into the hole and watch your score rise.

Porcupine Laser and Ground Shocker combo
This is worth 50 points and must be done directly on top of the PC.

Bouncy Bomb and Lob O Matic combo
Use a Bouncy Bomb with a Lob O Matic for 100 points.

Pineapple and Firestorm combo
Use a Pineapple with a Fire Storm for 74 points.

Hide underground
Fire a Digger at a steep angle so your tank slides down into the ground. Use a dirt weapon to seal yourself in.

Easy points
The easiest way to get over 100 points is to shoot a cannon ball on a mountain so that it rolls downward and hits him.

If you are on a valley or on the other side of a mountain, set the angle diagonally upward toward your opponent, set the power to 80, and use a Turn & Burn. If done correctly, you should now be near your opponent. Fire an X-Ray Cannon, Gamma Blaster, Lodestones, Laser (or Super Laser), Bazooka, Late Bloomer, Minigun, or Potholes directly toward your opponent at a high power. You will get massive points by doing this. Also, if your opponent's weapons have too big of a blast, or something that fires particles bound to hit the opponent as well as you, it is going to be difficult for that opponent to gain points. Or, after getting next to your opponent, if you have any dirt weapons (Dirtball, Big Dirtball, Dirt Slinger, Rainbow Dirt, Mud Pie, Tar Ball, etc., preferably Cruball or Mud Pie), and your opponent has nothing to safely remove the dirt, use them. Then, fire any weapons that go through dirt. If you hit the opponent with Flower Power, X-Ray Cannon, and/or Gamma Blaster, you will get a massive number points. Also, not only will your opponent not be able to attack under dirt, but he will have to blast his own points away to get out of the trap.

Easy wins
At the Weapon Shop, if a Digger appears, get it. Also, get as many underground weapons as you can (for example, Worm, Homing Worm, Hotfoot, etc.). When the battle starts, fire every weapon except for the Digger or underground weapons. Then, select the Digger and change the angle of the shot so that it goes diagonally into the ground. On your next turn, move into the underground tunnel and start firing your underground weapons. Your enemy cannot hit you because you are underground, but you can still hit your enemy.

Unlimited movement
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, you can select "Move" and move for any distance to the left or right by scrolling up or down.

Use the same weapon multiple times
This can be used to choose the weapon the CPU or human opponent uses, if he or she is unaware. You can also use the same weapon repeatedly. First, click the weapon box to bring up the list, then move to a weapon that you want to fire so that it is blinking yellow. Then press [Space] to fire. It will keep the menu up, but launch the weapon you highlighted. Next, move to a different weapon. It will take that weapon instead of the fired one. If you keep the list up, it will stay up while the computer is taking his turn. You can move the list to a weapon you want him to fire. Note: The weapon in the CPU's list that is solid yellow is the one it will fire if you take too long.

Gamma Blaster, Super Laser, X-Ray Cannon
Firing these weapons into the air will not work. You must shoot them directly toward your opponent. Getting the Super Laser to hit may require some practice. These weapons will "dig" past the ground and hit the opponent.

Super Star
If little or no dirt is under your opponent, the Super Star will not do optimal damage. However, if your opponent is on a high dirt platform, the Super Star will do massive damage. This weapon is perfect for when your opponent uses a Pedestal.

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