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Achievements (Steam)
Against All Odds - Win against three times as many players.
Architect - Build every structure in a single game.
Efficient - Use more than 95% of the metal and energy you produce in a match.
Enthusiast - Watch competitive play for two hours as a spectator.
Fanatic - Watch competitive play for eight hours as a spectator.
Field Commander - Manage your armies with all ten control groups.
Fully Operational - Activate an annihilaser.
Galactic Annihilation - Annihilate your opposition throughout the galaxy.
Him or Me - Target an incoming planet with an annihilaser.
Jack of All Trades - Build every kind of basic factory.
One Down - Eliminate a faction in galactic war.
One of Each - Build every kind of unit.
Panopticon - Keep tabs on your conquest with ten camera anchors.
Ruthless - Kill a commander within five minutes, five times.
Team Player - Participate in ten team games.
Technological Terror - Destroy five enemy planets with annihilasers.
Technophile - Discover a new loadout in galactic war.
World Ender - Smash five enemy planets.
Worldbuilder - Start a game with a custom system.

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