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Cheat mode
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + C during game play, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat to disable the corresponding code.

1000 debenTreasure Chest
City attacked by hipposHippo Stomp
City attacked by landMockattack1
City attacked by seaMockattack2
Destroy all military shipsFury of Seth
Destroy part of next invasion group<SUP>4</SUP>Spirit of Typhon
Destroy single storage yard<SUP>3</SUP>Grenow
Exports decrease for one year<SUP>2</SUP>Bird of Prey
Exports increased for one year<SUP>2</SUP>Pharaohs Glory
Festival for all the gods<SUP>5</SUP>Meow
Flood plain farms is destroyed by next flood<SUP>1</SUP>Underworld
Harvest from flood plain farms is doubled after next flood<SUP>1</SUP>Life from Death
Houses and bazaars full of goods<SUP>5</SUP>Cat Nip
Increase number of already available hipposSide Show
Inundation decreased<SUP>1</SUP>Mummys Curse
Inundation increased<SUP>1</SUP>Bounty
Level skipPharoahs Tomb
Lower kingdom rating<SUP>2</SUP>Mesektet
Plague strikes city<SUP>5</SUP>Kitty Litter
Population includes homelessHelp Homeless
Raise kingdom rating<SUP>2</SUP>Sun Disk
Shipwrights, weavers, and jewelers stocked with materials<SUP>3</SUP>Noble Died
Storage yard at maximum<SUP>3</SUP>Supreme Craftsman
Troops destroyed<SUP>4</SUP>Seth Strikes
Troops protected<SUP>4</SUP>Typhonian Relief
Upgrade all residences<SUP>5</SUP>Living Large
Various best houses destroyed<SUP>5</SUP>Cat Fight
Various industrial buildings destroyed<SUP>3</SUP>Big Dave

1. Only available if Osiris is worshipped in city.
2. Only available if Ra is worshipped in city.
3. Only available if Ptah is worshipped in city.
4. Only available if Seth is worshipped in city.
5. Only available if Bast is worshipped in city.

Cheat mode (alternate)
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Start Windows Explorer, and highlight the "Pharaoh_Model_Normal.txt" file in the game directory. Press the "Right Mouse Button", and select "Properties". Remove the check mark from the "Read Only" box, then select "OK". Use a text editor to edit the " Pharaoh_Model_Normal.txt" file, using the instructions contained within the file as a guide. After saving your changes, use Windows Explorer to place the check mark back in the "Read Only" box.
Start level with double Debens
To start a level with twice the amount of Debens, choose a mission and start it. Then, click "Restart Mission" in the file menu. This only works once per mission.

Glitch: Place two Sphinx together
Place one Sphinx and demolish it. Select to place it again and undo before placing it. If done correctly, you will have two Sphinx, buy they will be built together as one.

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