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Achievements (Steam)
5 Aerial - Make a 5 combo while jumping.
10 Aerial - Make a 10 combo while jumping.
15 Aerial - Make a 15 combo while jumping.
20 Aerial - Make a 20 combo while jumping.
25 Aerial - Make a 25 combo while jumping.
30 Aerial - Make a 30 combo while jumping.
Anubis - Got Anubis.
Car Expert - Cleared the car stage under 3:30 mins.
Car GO - Cleared the car stage without using a continue.
Carrots - Got the Carrots.
Cherub - Got the Cherub.
Claymore - Got the Claymore.
Collection Item - Got the Collection Item.
Collector - Retrieved all the items.
Extra Stage Clear - Watched the second ending.
Fighter - Broke the Door of Sehur I.
Free-fall Master - Cleared the hotel elevator without taking damage.
Furnace - Got the Furnace.
Game Clear - Watched the ending.
Grenade - Got the Grenade.
Machine Gun - Got the Machine Gun.
Rank A - Got rank A on the Boss Rush.
Rank B - Got rank B on the Boss Rush.
Rank S - Got rank S on the Boss Rush.
Shabti - Got the Shabti.
Sniper - Started Sniper mode with Andre.
Stealth Step - Beat the Squirrel.
Udon - Got the Udon.
Welcome to Pharaoh Rebirth - Started the game.
Wine - Got the Wine.

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